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Consultant Eric Minoli Can Help Any Business for Digital Transformation 

The world market is being transformed by the creative digital media entrepreneur Eric Minoli. Eric has worked in the media industry for over thirty years and has been successful in methodically changing outdated business tactics into cutting-edge digital techniques. Numerous awards attest to the widespread acclaim and significance of his...

10 Expensive Shipboard Boiler Operating Mistakes

Every engine room machinery system requires a specific procedure for starting and stopping it. Marine Boilers being one of the most important systems on board ships, requires special care and attention during operation and maintenance. Inability to do so leads to major failures and accidents, which can not only be...

Tech Trends You Do Not Want To Miss

As we move into 2022, social media will continue to be a prominent part of our lives. Here are some of the ways that social media is likely to evolve over the next year: Social media will become even more personalized With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning,...