Consultant Eric Minoli Can Help Any Business for Digital Transformation 

The world market is being transformed by the creative digital media entrepreneur Eric Minoli. Eric has worked in the media industry for over thirty years and has been successful in methodically changing outdated business tactics into cutting-edge digital techniques. Numerous awards attest to the widespread acclaim and significance of his work.

Eric decided to follow his love of digital media as a young man, studying in France, and later working in India, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. He founded a company to assist businesses in realizing their full potential through strategic digital planning because he was driven to make a good difference and see beyond the constraints of digital media.

The idea behind Calimero Consulting was to use processes, data, technology, and people resources to enable significant and demonstrable performance in various enterprises. The company aids in updating the digital transformation of your company and implementing fresh, scientifically proven methods, which improves commercial chances for the company.

Eric Minoli has committed the last 30 years of his life to develop innovative digital solutions for the media and education industries. As was previously said, he received a number of accolades and honors for his career’s high points. 

Among them are the 2017 IBC Innovation Award Winner, the 2017 Digital TV Europe Content Innovation Award Finalist for Best New Venture, the 2017 IABM Game Changer Award Finalist, and many others.

He has worked on a number of ground-breaking projects and served on a number of boards, including those for the International Federation of Television Archives, Les Medias Francophones Publiques, TFO,, and the University of French Ontario.

His accomplishments while serving these institutions may be described as nothing less than remarkable. He started by creating the “First in World” idea of fusing broadcast TV production with game engine software. This was done to enhance the broadcast user experience. He then went on to create a ground-breaking prototype that uses Blockchain technology to handle content and copyrights.

Over the years, he has drastically altered workflow, developed and implemented a cutting-edge method for Canadian TV station owners, and revolutionized conventional broadcast methods. 

Additionally, Eric Minoli has standardized and improved broadcast production in Europe, reorganized a number of corporate processes, and created the conceptual framework for the contemporary digital technology being employed at the University of French Ontario.

One can discover the services of Calimero Consulting on the internet with a simple Google search. Any company can easily translate its vision into reality with his help through:

  • Strategic project management
  • Creating the plan for delivering on the strategy
  • Develop measurable and realistic goals
  • Apply process engineering while delivering results 
  • Create communication and also change the management plan

A business can drive Digital and Business Transformation through him by:

  • Analyzing pain points for addressing and exploring opportunities to unlock full potential
  • Evaluating the approach of the organization to current trends of technology and modern applications
  • Understanding financial and budget resources for structuring the strategy, identifying priorities, and finalizing the scope
  • Creating and implementing a digital transformation roadmap for ensuring the evolution of business in alignment with the current changing digital landscape.

Contact Eric Minoli for the digital transformation of the company.