What Is Traffic Temperature And Why Is It So Important To Know It?

To optimize the communication strategies of your campaigns, you must understand what the traffic temperature is and why it is important.

Knowing how to communicate the right message and define your audience will guarantee the success of the goals you set for yourself in your digital business.

The traffic temperature will be the one that will define what type of attention you should have with your segmentation according to how they reach your website.

If you want to get a lot of sales or be one of the most relevant businesses in your niche, you must take care of the communication you have with your consumers through different channels.

At this point, you must be clear about something: not all the traffic that reaches your website is the same; that is, your communication strategy must vary according to the vehicle you use.

You have three types of traffic for your marketing as suggested by catapult revenue: the one you own, the one you control and the one that gets out of hand and they are;

Cold Traffic

They are all those users who do not know your business, product or services. They are not aware of the problems you can solve for them, and they think they do not need you, which is why your message to these types of people should be more persuasive.

This traffic has not had contact with you even through social networks, but that does not mean that there is no way to reach this audience. You, as a brand or business, must remain proactive in the search for new customers, and you must make an effort in your strategy to get those links.

For these users, the communication methods are usually paid advertisements or organic advertisements. Sites, where you can showcase your content globally and be convincing, will help you better publicize your business: blog posts, videos, or podcasts.

Warm Traffic

They are users who already know you or have had some contact with your business before but have not yet purchased your products or services. This traffic, who has already heard about you on social networks, web pages or word of mouth, knows what it is they need and knows the solutions to their problems.

What they still don’t understand is that you are the one with those solutions until you communicate it effectively. After capturing their attention, you should focus on converting them and stimulating their desire to buy.

Most of this traffic comes from organic and viral, but you can also boost your strategies with paid online advertising. You can offer these users offers, free tools, courses or events.

With this type of traffic, you can follow up on your users, convert them into customers and build loyalty with your business.

If you need help to measure the traffic of your website or blog, you can click here and learn about the volumes of your digital business.

Hot Traffic

These are all the people who know you well because they have already bought your services or products, they know very well what you offer, and you already have a database with their data stored by previous purchases.

Thanks to the trust they have established, you can have two-way communications. You don’t need to convince them of anything, but you do need to remind them of the solutions that your business has.

The best tool you can use to strengthen that link is email marketing. Through this platform, you can keep them updated on your products or services. You can also value their opinions to establish service improvements.

You must maintain this contact so that the client does not get cold and your brand is forgotten.

Hot traffic allows you to increase sales, stimulate and understand the needs of your customers and redirect them through remarketing strategies.