What are the cons of Redmi 6A by Xiaomi?


You would have heard about this budget device by Xiaomi due to its popularity and exciting features. Yes, this smartphone is one of the best from this range. There are many competitors of this smartphone, but this is the best because it’s all over performance. But with every positive thing, a negative thing is accompanied. It is quite surprising because Xiaomi devices do not possess major flaws. But, there is always one bad thing about every smartphone. This means that Redmi 6A also has some major cons. These cons should be known to everyone due to its intensity. In this article, we will look at some major unknown cons of this device by Xiaomi.

Cons of Redmi 6A 

The following are some major flaws of this budget device by Xiaomi.

● No gorilla glass protection

There is always a requirement of protection to any device irrespective of its category. With this budget smartphone, protection is highly required. This device possesses an HD display with no screen protection. Due to this, there is always a possibility and doubt of the screen getting injured or cracked. In this case, there is nothing you can do about it. If this budget device provided a gorilla glass one or even Gorilla 2, it would have been one of the power-packed complete smartphones. It is quite obvious that lower mid-range smartphones do not include screen protection in their features. But, it is nothing bad about doing things first in the market. Therefore, this is one of the major cons of this device.

● Hybrid slim slots

We live in a busy society, and we do not have time for even our loved ones. In this situation, your mobile is a major source of interaction. Sometimes you need two different sims for communicating different contacts. Well, you can insert two different sims in this device at one time. But, for doing this, you cannot insert a microSD card. This is because the device comes with a hybrid sim slot where these 3 (2 sims and one microSD card) cannot be inserted together. Therefore, this creates issues for people with multiple contacts who need extra storage in their smartphones. Therefore, this is also a major con of this smartphone by Xiaomi.

● Lack of Fingerprint sensor 

Well, this is one of the major cons of this device. Even the competitors of this budget smartphone have a fingerprint sensor, which gives them an upper hand. You would find this sensor in almost every smartphone released in the near past. Therefore, you cannot ignore this major flaw in the budget smartphone by Xiaomi.

● Lack of fast charging capability

Well, you cannot expect this feature from a lower-end device. But nothing is enough in this competitive market. If this device would have come with a fast-charging feature, then there was no competition. You cannot charge this device from a fast charger because it will not support it. Therefore, this is also a major con of this smartphone by Xiaomi.

We hope that this article will provide you the necessary information needed.