Ways to Motivate Staff 


Salaries are not enough to make employees feel appreciated. After all, every employer pays workers who how different are you from the rest. Staff motivation not only creates trust; it also brings that positive work culture that makes every employee feel like he or she is home. Outsourcing company can give you top talents but if you don’t motivate them, they will end up underperforming and that will cost your company productivity. As a result, make sure you have the best motivation ways to ensure all your staff always appreciates you and do their best to take the company to the next level. 

Set Goals and Appreciate When They Meet Them 

A lot of bosses set goals and insist that the goals should be met. Employees work hard to attain those goals but after they have met them, the boss doesn’t appreciate the workers. If that continues, setting and meeting goals will be a normal thing and employees will not really bother to force themselves. With a motivation, employees are going to see an opportunity every time you set new goals. 

Take for example you decide to take them for a tour after they have met a certain goal or offer them free lunch at workplace because of attaining certain goals. Employees will work tirelessly to ensure the company grows because they will know if your company grows, good things follow them. 

Listen to Them 

If employees are managed by an outsourcing company, that doesn’t mean that you as the boss shouldn’t listen. Besides work, employees also have a social and family life. Sometimes they need to be listened to so that they feel they are part of you. listening also means having their input on the company considered so that they also feel like they are part of it. Authoritative type of managing doesn’t give a listening ear to the employees and as a result most of them end up depressed and think of committing suicide. 

Pay Them Well 

Paying them doesn’t mean just throwing money at them. You may pay them little but give them incentives such as shopping vouchers, free transport and free fitness. This means that the money you will be paying them will be only for their own expenditures and not on other expenses. Paying them also means investing on their future career through further training and motivation so that they can grow career wise.

Other ways include regular career expansion through sponsoring them to increase academic standards so that they also improve skills. You can as well provide an environment where employees support one another so that you create a positive work culture. Always make sure you have the best understanding of your employees so that you treat them individually. 


Motivating your staff can increase employee retention and also increase company reputation. Always listen to them, ensure you have the best treatment for them and pay them well for you to retain them for long. Your company will be a dream workplace for many people if you treat everyone perfectly and motivate them.