4 Gold Standard Security Practices for Your Database 


A database is like the center of your all your company’s information. Having a database monitoring software is necessary to ensure there is no breach of information. Always know that your company’s data is a prime target from all attackers and once they get it, they may ruin all your company’s reputation besides halting all your operations. Besides protective measures, you should also find ways of ensuring the database is regularly surveyed so that any attempts to breach are noted early enough. Below are some of the ways you can use to ensure your database is always safe.

Ensure security is at Maximum Level 

Have a database surveillance tool is the key step on this. Make sure your databased is patrolled so that any threat is detected early. If you don’t have the surveillance tool, ensure that you keep changing the passwords and make the strongest passwords. Changing passwords may not be an effective way because the base is accessed by a lot of people at workplace. Some of them may be the hackers so it would be good to use a software that directly reports any form of data breach to you.

Have Separate Servers for Database and Website 

One thing you need to know is that web servers are prone to hacking because they are always accessed by different kind of people. Ensure that your database is on a different server so that it is not at risked of being compromised even when your website is breached. If it reaches a position where your web and database needs to communicate, ensure you minimally use it so that you don’t mix database servers with website servers. This way, you will be firming the security of your database and protecting your company information. 

Encrypt all the Files on Your Database 

In a company where there are plenty of employees, you should not only be worried about hackers but even your employees. The only person you can trust with your information is yourself. Encrypting files means that even when an attacker to fellow employee gets to the database, he or she would not be able to read the files without having an encryption key. As a result, the whole hacking exercise would be a waste of time at all times. Always make sure you have the best encryption software that will ensure your data is only accessible by you.

Update All Patches for Your Own Security 

If your website uses third party plugins and applications, hackers can use those patches as a loophole to attach your website. To ensure you don’t give them that point of weakness, ensure you always update those plugins so that they don’t use them to get to you.


Always ensure you have the best database protecting software if you want to make sure you don’t leave your database to hackers. Using a hands-on team may not help because hackers use software analytic tools to determine your areas of weaknesses and attack. Regular check of the database by well-developed software helps to prevent your database from attacks.