Understanding the Right Way to Mount Your Television

A majority of people prefer television mount stands as they fix the television on the wall and thereby save space. These mounts are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. Flat, tilting, or motorized, there are various options to match your existing situation and requirement.

If you are confused about which style to choose, then this article provides you information that will make your selection easier.

Fixed or flat mount

With this type of TV mount, you can mount your television set flat against the wall. It appears like a painting on the wall. This is an ideal option for those who are looking to simply mount their television on the wall and no advance features like titling, turning, etc. is a leading company that provides a wide range of networking solutions and electronic equipment that includes HDMI cables, Network, and Ethernet Cables, Adapters, TV and electronic items, home theatre, TV mount and sit stands, at the best price. You can specifically search for hdmi cable over cat6 Sydney for your television model. 

Tilting television mount

This is an extended version of the flat/ fixed television mount. This option provides you the functionality to not just mount the television, but also tilt it.  This feature is preferred by customers as it offers them improved viewing experience.

A tilting television mount enables you to tilt the display screen a few degrees forward. The result is a better viewing angle, and reduction of disturbing reflections, and screen glare on the screen.

The full-motion Television mount

If you want to mount your television in a way that you can view it from anywhere in the room, then this would be the right option. It is a flexible mount that offers you a full range of motion. This flexible mount enables you to turn the position of television from a distance with the help of a remote control.

Full motion TV mount is motorized ones with extendable arms that give a perfect view of your television from any location in the room. They are ideal for those who are looking for plenty of flexibility.

Benefits of motorized full motion television wall mounts:

  • Automatically turns the TV screen (up to 120 degrees) on switching the television on or off.
  • Control the television either manually or through the app
  • Ability to create up to ten pre-programmable positions through the app
  • Considered to be the highly innovative television mount, that is made from high-quality materials.


The above explanation of different types of TV mounts along with their individual features, and benefits, will help you make the right decision.