SEO Tactics Are Scary? Start With Blogging And Be Guided

It is almost scary for traditional business owners in Hong Kong to start adapting with internet marketing including search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). You may copy the tactics from the overseas marketing experts. It may work, but it may also fail miserably. The thing is, when you copy directly, it is not a localized tactic that is designed for the Hong Kong market and HK audience. How do you ever expect it to work in the first place? The second wrong-doing is that the HK business owners may have hit a road-block and would quickly decide they have no expertise to continue forward with the latest methods in internet marketing (or digital marketing). This is because they have not be truly and carefully guided by an experienced SEO company in Hong Kong.

In SEO, the most common tactic is to get your website up the rankings of Google, Yahoo and Bing, so the audience and/or target consumers in Hong Kong can easily find your website or web pages when searching on the search engines. This may sound easy when in your industry there aren’t as many competitors also doing well with their websites’ organic search rankings. But for industries and products that are in high demand, it means everyone is working hard to get to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When this happens, it will take some longer time and more effort to pull off with the higher organic search rankings. Your website should also have good social presence and for that you must know how to get more views on instagram and other social media sites.

It is important to realize that an individual and/or a business in Hong Kong should create his/her/its own space in the internet world. It may be through launching a blog – A personal blog for an individual, and a company blog for a local business. One of the main uses of blogs is to write about your thoughts on your industry and/or product that your company is selling, in a language that your Hong Kong target audience and/or potential consumers can easily understand.

Having an official blog of your company gives you two advantages. First you get to interact with your customers. You can release news about your company and new products, and your readers may be able to comment. When you reply to them, interactions happen. In this way, you are providing direct marketing to your potential consumers and existing customers, and people appreciate such act. Through your blog, people can ask questions about your product offers and you (or your customer service support persons) can reply back almost right away.

The phrase Content is King has very commonly been used through the search engine optimization and content marketing industry. This becomes true when it is correctly and effectively applied on blogging. The good enough content can be used to engage and interact with your Hong Kong based readers. Through your blog, you will be able to find out their needs and main pain points. Your next stage of product improvement may be based on the information you have gathered through the blog comments. Shopify is a great solution, but we prefer to use WordPress and Woocommerce, says founder of Adseo in Oslo, Norway. It’s simply much better for SEO. Read more about it here: