The Difference between the Traditional Form of Entertainment and Streaming Platforms

The OTT platforms have brought in a number of changes to the industry. The viewers can choose to watch content according to their genre preference here. Whereas on TV, we can only watch whatever is being broadcasted. And this is just one of the reasons why the majority are shifting to the OTT platforms and IPTV subscription these days leaving back the traditional cable connections.

Let’s find out the major differences between these two forms of entertainment to understand the future aspects.

Television vs. OTT platforms

From the time when TV came into existence, sitting in the drawing-room and watching a show with the whole family was the only form of entertainment. But now with the fast-evolving technology, the content varieties and mediums are changing too.

  • The present generation values quality more than the medium of watching. However, the quality does really vary a lot between the television series and the web series which are streamed through various OTT.
  • Previously we had no option to watch something of our own choice. It was mostly whatever show was being broadcasted on the TV channels. But now the OTT has changed that habit completely and offers the option to choose a genre and show according to one’s wish.
  • In the case of TV shows, we need to wait for a complete day or sometimes a week for viewing a new episode of a certain show. Whereas the OTT platforms either launch new episodes every day or in most cases, they launch a complete series or show altogether. And that allows the viewers to binge-watch it easily!
  • Besides quality content, the advertisement types started varying in the case of OTT too. The demand for quality content has become so prominent in this generation that even marketers and advertisers are having to brainstorm and make unique advertisements for their products. As making unique and innovative content is the only way to get more views these days.

Watching television is an age-old habit for most of us. And even if the OTT platforms dominate in the present market, at some point they will reach the stage of becoming the new traditional modes of entertainment.