MilesWeb Review: Should You Opt for Their Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

It is impossible to search for hosting services without hearing about cloud hosting. Despite its immense popularity, there are still people out there that remain elusive to cloud hosting. 

The conventional way of hosting a site is on a single server that supports many other websites. Meaning, a single server machine shares its resources with many websites and is not exclusive or dedicated to a single user. 

Your site will work with the conventional setup without problems for a while. However, as the traffic and software requirements of the site increases, its performance would be affected. The hosting would no longer be able to sustain the inflated resource requirements of the site. You would have to upgrade to a hosting service plan more apt to the site’s resource demands. It is a cycle that never stops.

However, cloud hosting tackles this issue with ease.

Acquaintance with cloud hosting

Here is how cloud hosting works:

  • A single machine doesn’t store the data of your site. Instead, the cloud spreads the data across many servers located in different places. 
  • These interconnected servers share data on a virtual level. 

The server hosting is “virtual” and is not tangible, unlike conventional hosting hence, the name “cloud hosting.”

It is a simple concept of multiplying the performance of a site without upgrading the hosting plan.

DigitalOcean’s cloud hosting 

DigitalOcean is a popular cloud hosting service provider that offers cloud computing solutions for developers and businesses. Their cloud provides a robust and secure infrastructure that is easy to manage. DigitalOcean provides cloud hosting to business organizations with appropriate features. 

Here are some of the salient features of DigitalOcean cloud hosting:

  • The hosting platform is highly scalable so that it could match the resource requirements of the site. You can freely scale the resource allocation to ensure the smooth functioning of your site.
  • The resources utilized by your site are monitored and accounted for billing. You pay for the resources your site uses and not for machine utilities like in traditional hosting. It makes the billing flexible and, you can avoid overpaying.
  • DigitalOcean offers you an assortment of locations to choose from for your datacenter. There are currently 13 data centers managed by DigitalOcean all over the world.
  • DigitalOcean does a service-level agreement with their clients that guarantees a 99.99% uptime.
  • Their security and compliance protocols are strict and offer a high-level of data protection. 

MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting.

MilesWeb is a web hosting provider that provides a large spectrum of web hosting and related services at affordable prices. They provide a managed service for DigitalOcean’s cloud hosting. MilesWeb handles the entire maintenance and management duties of your DigitalOcean cloud hosting. You can focus better on the business activities and leave the technical aspects of hosting to them. MilesWeb provide AWS managed services and DigitalOcean managed services.  

Novelties of MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting

The managed services of MilesWeb have their perks:

  • Complete management: The technical team at MilesWeb would carry all the maintenance and configurations of the hosting. You save a ton of effort and time on managing the hosting.
  • System monitoring: They continuously monitor and fine-tune resources required by your site like bandwidth, memory storage, etc. and keep your site’s performance at maximum. Your site can elude issues like downtime and crashes occurred by a sudden spike in traffic.
  • System maintenance: The team carries maintenance duties like caching regularly. It helps in attaining decent latency for the site and gets rid of any technical errors.
  • Security: Regularly scanning for malware and spam is some of the most crucial tasks. MilesWeb monitors databases for suspicious files that may leave your site and data vulnerable. They even take regular backups of the data to restore if it gets accidentally lost.
  • Regular updates: Timely updates are necessary to keep the site in sync with the latest software trends. The tech team keeps your hosting and site up-to-date by installing software upgrades whenever they are released.
  • Expert advice: MilesWeb’s team offers advice and recommendations for software and hosting related queries. They even guide you through installation procedures.
  • Customer service and support: The managed DigitalOcean hosting is like a concierge service for web hosting. You get privileges like a whole tech team to manage your hosting. They readily handle all the hosting issues before they could bother you. In case you have any problems or queries, their customer support would be available 24/7, and you can call them without any hesitations.
  • Cost-cutting: You can save a ton of money by choosing a managed hosting rather than employing someone to look after the same. The team fine-tunes the resource usage according to the fluctuations in traffic. It helps in billing as you get charged for the resources utilized.

MilesWeb offers many plans on its managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting service. You can pick one that is suited to your needs.

Why should you opt MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting?

Business sites require hosting that can optimize their performance. However, even though DigitalOcean cloud hosting is a good hosting choice, its maintenance and management consume time and effort. 

Here is a comparison between MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting and unmanaged DigitalOcean cloud hosting:

I hope this helps you in getting a perspective.