6 Different Exciting Fist Emojis and Their Meanings

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Emojis are symbols that convey a particular meaning. When you’re communicating with other people through chat, you might have used different emojis to represent various emotions you want to express in your written message. It’s most common on social media when people incorporate emojis on their Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and many others.

You can use tons of emojis when you want to tell your readers you are in love. If you are angry, there are also appropriate emojis to use. Almost everything can be represented by emojis. Hence, read the different exciting fist emojis below, and be familiar with each of them to know how to use them effectively. 

Right-Facing Fist Emoji

The right-facing fist emoji is an exciting emoji you can use on any written message you need to create for any platform. It’s a symbol of a fist facing in the right direction. It represents a hand gesture to greet your friends. If there’s a left-facing fist, it’ll be a complete fist-bump gesture that most close friends do every time they meet. 

The right-facing fist emoji also has a connotation similar to giving someone a high five for doing something great. It seems to be a high-five emoji telling someone “Good job!” for accomplishing an outstanding job. Besides that, this emoji is also used to congratulate someone who won from sports or competitions or a person who recently became successful in whatever profession or craft they do in life. 

Left-Facing Fist Emoji

The counterpart of the right-facing fist emoji is the left-facing fist. It’s a symbol of a human fist pointing in the left direction. Like the previously mentioned emoji, this one is also a symbol of brotherhood, sisterhood, or a simple friendship. Besides that, it also shows support to other people’s advocacy or whatever endeavor of life. It further connotes respect for people’s presence with power or age, with whom you have a close friendship or relationship. 

Oncoming Fist Emoji

The oncoming fist emoji is another emoji that people commonly use. It shows the front part of your hand in a fist position. There are different skin colors of this emoji, but you can’t find a left-hand version available. Like the right-facing emoji, the oncoming fist seems to give someone a punch because of its positioning. 

When you use this emoji on social media, it means that you greet your friends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms of social media. It’s also a famous symbol that most people use to convey the meaning of goodbyes, congratulatory messages, and even a way to tell people that you want to celebrate someone’s success or victory.  

Thumbs Down Emoji

When you want to leave a negative comment on a social media post or Instagram stories, it might look so harsh to use words expressing your intentional dislike. It’s your opinion, so there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you might leave words that may hurt someone else’s feelings. 

Hence, thumbs down emojis are made available for you to use instead of utilizing mean words. It might be the same with using negative statements, but it doesn’t bear the same gravity of negativity. In short, it’ll be safer to use thumbs down emoji if you want to express dislike, disapproval, or dissatisfaction about something. Many people are using this emoji on different social media platforms. 

Thumbs-Up Emoji

If you’ve posted something on Instagram or Facebook, and you received a thumbs-up emoji in the comment section, it’ll surely make you happy. Appreciation usually brings happiness to anyone. Because of this, instead of leaving a message saying, “I like it!” in the comment section, you can put a thumbs-up emoji. 

A thumbs-up emoji is a symbol that expresses approval, liking, and even appreciation and assent. Every time you give a thumbs-up emoji on someone’s post on Facebook or IG stories, you can encourage someone by expressing your acknowledgment of a social media post that’s worth appreciating.

Raised Fist Emoji

The raised fist emoji is also called a clenched fist, where the fist is raised in the air. People use this symbol to convey the meaning of support and unity. This emoji has a deep and emotional meaning and used to empower people to do something. It encourages everyone to think and express strength, camaraderie, and genuine solidarity. 

On the other hand, another connotation of a raised fist emoji is a progressive protest. Yes, it shows solidarity, but it’s about being united to go against someone or something. It shows a feeling of being strong and combative at the same time. 


People use different emojis as symbols to represent a particular meaning. There are many emojis you can use to tell people you have a problem. Some will help you convey the meaning of excitement, happiness, and even worries and anxiety. Almost everything can be represented by emojis. The different fist emojis discussed above are examples of exciting emojis you can use. You can try one now on your next social media post.