4 Money-Making Apps Perfect For A Side-Hustle Set-up

We all want to make a little extra cash on the side. With the Internet, having a side hustle, and earning extra money is pretty standard these days. These days, anyone can make extra cash even from the most unconventional and unexpected ways. It is always good to know that all you need is your smartphone and some money making apps that will add more to your passive income.

Here are some money-making apps that will allow you to take advantage of what you have and use it as a side hustle. These money-making apps vary in ways in which you can earn money from. Check these money-making apps out and see if an app can help in whatever you are trying to market or sell on the Internet.


Airbnb is one money-making app that will get you to earn a substantial amount of extra income. However, you will need the right tools to make money from Airbnb. If you happen to have a spare room or an unused apartment, it can easily be your source of extra income. Rent your place out to tourists and watch as the additional cash flow comes in!

Airbnb could get you to earn a lot more money, especially if you are living in a prime city or spot. Cities wherein a lot are happening from business to tourism is a “prime spot.” If you have a spare apartment along with these prime spots, it could easily be a gold-mine for money-making on Airbnb. Rent it out for the night, the week, even for the month!

Airbnb prices are competitive, and they vary by the city that you are living in. The pricing range will also vary in terms of the condition of your spot. Of course, if your extra apartment is in a pristine condition, you can get a reasonable sum of cash for renting it out.


BookScouter is a money-making app that can help you earn cash from books. We are not just talking about regular books around here. These books can come from the textbooks you used last semester and are otherwise useless to you. Why not use those useless books and earn a little extra from it? After all, there will surely be a pool of people who are looking for that same textbook.

It would be significantly better if you used your books as a money-making alternative rather than stock and pile them up only to gather dust. Consider it as a proper ritual of saying goodbye to the books you once loved and used. Other people say that they keep their books for reference only to forget about them and stock them on the attic to gather dust.

BookScouter will help users find out if a book has a particular value by scanning barcodes from books and textbooks. It will refer to numerous websites to see how much a specific book is selling for. And, when you already have a good grasp on how much your book costs, you can sell your book at the proper place and the right price.


What better way to make money on the Internet than with stocks and portfolios? Acorns is a money-making app that allows users to pool any saved money into a diverse portfolio of stocks & bonds. It will also save your cash and be the one to invest it for you. Acorns users do not even have to think about where to invest, as it will do this task for you!

Acorns will be the one to round up all purchases through the accounts and cards that you linked to the app. Link any card to the app and continue to make purchases as you normally would. Acorns will also round up purchases that have decimal points into whole numbers. And, these “spare change” coming from those round-ups are automatically invested into your stock portfolio. 


Ah, the power of cash backs. Cash backs is also another way in which you can earn cash and extra credit on the side. Of course, this app goes well with users who love shopping. If shopping is a burning passion of yours, why not earn cash and credit back from your purchases? Earn money from apps that pay you in return for your purchases!

Drop is a money-earning app that allows you to earn points from shopping, and you can use those points to shop at other brands in the future. All you need is to pick the top brands that you usually shop at. You will have to choose between the bonus offers, which can get you more points coming from individual tasks and additional purchases. 

Of course, the points you earn will pile up as you continue shopping. You can accumulate all your points and exchange them as a gift card from a comprehensive list of brands. Some of these brands are Netflix, Starbucks, Walmart, and Adidas. So, you could say that you can get to shop more by shopping more with Drop.


These are only four money-making apps that can help you earn a little extra on the side. There are many money-making apps that you can use as a side-hustle or for additional income. These money-making apps are genuinely unorthodox and something that we could not expect to earn us money over a few years ago. The Internet indeed is full of possibilities, and side-hustle and money-making opportunities are some of them.