Why Opting For Gojek Like App Is A Smart Business Idea?

Currently, entrepreneurs are compelled to adopt a digital paradigm for running their businesses to stay afloat in the sector. There has been a tremendous penetration of different solutions in a vertical. But, the multi-service segment reported tremendous growth with the contribution of some giants in a particular sector.

Gojek might be the first name that comes to your mind when talking about applications of a particular segment. A company initiated its trade in Indonesia, with only 4 ‘Ojek’(drivers) in hand, offering a couple of services such as courier and ride-sharing(2-wheeled). Later with further advancements, the organization broadened its venture by providing 20+ varieties of facilities to its users.

The 2022 sources say that a firm possesses a widespread network of 2 million+ service providers, which gives you a clear understanding of the firm’s terrific progress and demands of its application among people. If you are inspired by an Indonesian Unicorn and willing to develop Gojek like solution, then some points favor getting it as the clever idea for your business and a revenue model that comes geared up with numerous channels helping your venture in making considerable money discussed.

Considering those sections mentioned below will motivate you with specific reasons.

Why Getting an App Like Gojek is Smart Business Idea?

Operating a multi-service enterprise online through Gojek like platform is preferable according to the current scenario. Moreover, receiving a solution like Gojek would assist your venture to get an upward push in the industry, as people tend to utilize an app containing similar functionality to fulfill their requirements. It will benefit your venture significantly in several aspects stated below:

Numerous Facilities Through a Single App

As compared to an earlier approach, meeting numerous needs in minutes using different solutions is preferred by many smartphone users nowadays. Especially a buzz for multi-service apps is bolstering with each passing day among people. You, as a business admin, can grab an opportunity and achieve a rise in the market by getting a Gojek similar platform ready. The users just need to download a single application on their devices capable of satisfying the varying requirements rather than installing numerous solutions for every specific need, resulting in occupying massive device storage.

Better Enterprise Manageability

Running a multi-service venture becomes a lot more streamlined process with Gojek similar solution, as business admins can quickly complete the daily tiring tasks very easily. It includes generating a salary report of employees, keeping records of workers’ activities, analyzing the earnings of an enterprise, etc. All these functions can be performed at your fingertips, it boosts the manageability and overall performance of the business.

Venture Profitability

Your enterprise can make significant profits using Gojek similar application because it comes with diversified revenue channels equipped within a solution, as it’s a crucial component assisting enterprises for the same. Admins make an income by charging a fixed amount from all kinds of users on every order completed from a platform. In short, it says that utilizing a Gojek like app will help you earn more profit.


Gojek similar platform will prove to be pocket-friendly in every aspect for you as an entrepreneur. Starting from the development cost, it will cost you much cheaper, because the programmers of specific firms don’t need to write the code from scratch because an app is ready with all basic functionality implemented within. Also, the rates for maintaining the solution would be fewer, as the frequency of bugs generated is very less. Furthermore, many other factors are proving it a budget-friendly platform.


Therefore, from the above-stated points, you must have got enough justifying reasons to support that receiving an app similar to Gojek ready for business is a perfect choice, by analyzing the current scenario. Now, you should know how your enterprise can make ample money through a multi-service Gojek like platform. It is discussed in the next section.

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How Will Your Venture Earn More Through Platform Like Gojek?

Because of the significant user base gathered by Gojek on its application, the company gained significant conversions and earned an income worth $4.54 trillion, according to 2022 statistics. Thus, as a startup owner, you can also generate such humongous revenue in your business through numerous channels followed in a Gojek similar app mentioned below:


Advertisements and Priority Listings

As a business admin, you can make considerable money by charging amounts in fixed proportions through promotions of products, brands, and exciting deals provided by different organizations. Apart from this, you can also charge fees on priority listings of enterprises for bringing their names up in the suggestions to users of an app. Hence, advertisements and priority listings can be a substantial source of income for your enterprise.

Commissions From Store Owners

The shop owners gain an opportunity through a solution similar to Gojek to boost their profit margins and enlarge their business significantly. So, to receive enormous scopes to gain a commendable rise in their enterprise through an established stage of Gojek like multi-service platform, the merchants need to pay some part of their earnings from every order they get from an application. Furthermore, when an order is assigned to a provider, a solution automatically deducts a fixed amount from the wallet of vendors. Thus, it becomes one of the major revenue streams for your venture.

Commissions From Providers

The service providers are required to pay a fixed proportion amount on each order delivery to the consumer. Due to the profit-based strategy adopted in a Gojek similar multi-service solution, the providers earn higher on more delivery of orders, which drives them to work with enthusiasm. Moreover, the service providers are also offered bonuses for their extraordinary performance. In return, they need to pay a fixed percentage commission through an app which becomes an essential part of your business revenue.

Commission From Consumers

The customers/users of your app are charged with a fixed percentage amount for delivering any sort of service at their doorsteps in a minimal period. Apart from these, they are charged for receiving the utmost convenience and access to numerous services from a single solution. Therefore, as a startup owner, you can generate significant revenue by charging fees from your consumers for serving them with a wide range of benefits.

Final Words:

By observing the tremendous growth of Gojek, as discussed earlier, you might be excited to develop a platform similar to Gojek for your enterprise to secure a reputed position in the market. So, here are some supporting reasons justifying opting for Gojek like multi-service app, to be the brilliant business idea and the revenue stream followed inside it discussed. Referring to them would have inspired you to build a Gojek similar solution for your venture.