What to Consider When Choosing WordPress Plugins


Do you hate coding? Or have no idea what to do when it comes to technology? But you love designing or writing on your website?

Well, one of the best things about using WordPress for your website is that there are plugins that can do most of the hard, technical work for you.

However, there are tons of WordPress plugins on the web. Choosing the right one is the tricky part. Keep reading this guide for things you need to consider when choosing the best WordPress plugins.

Look at Customer Reviews

When looking for the right WordPress plugins, one of the easiest ways to decide if the plugin is right for you is by reading through reviews. If you’d read reviews before buying clothes, shoes, or a computer, why should you not do the same for something that will help your website run properly?

While reading the reviews, ask yourself how people talk about the systems, the speed, and the usability. All of these are important to know before downloading the plugins!

Keep It Secure

When downloading WordPress plugins, you should only do it from the WordPress repository to make sure that you are not being hacked or installing a virus onto your computer.

In addition, there are many WordPress security plugins to choose from that can continue to help you with the security of your website for years.

Consider Your Finances

Most likely, you have your website to bring in some kind of revenue. Whether you’re a blogger or sell your own products, you want to make sure your site is set up to continue raking in the cash.

If you use WooCommerce plugins, you have an easy way to market your products online for your website visitors to see and browse. The only downside of WooCommerce is that it only shows one image as the default per product. But what if you have different styles or colors of the same product?

Other plugins can help you diversify how you show your products to stand out from other companies online. Click here for more information on diversifying your images on your site!

Check the Ratings

Much like you should check customer reviews, you should also be looking at the plugin ratings. This will help you determine which plugins are the best WordPress plugins to have for your website.

A good rule of thumb is to only download plugins that have a 4-star rating or higher to ensure good quality, responsiveness, and usability.

Next to where the plugin is rated, you should also be able to see how many active downloads there are from the plugin. The more, the better.

These WordPress Plugins Will Have Your Site Thriving

Are you ready to boost your visitors and make your website better than it has ever been? Choosing the right plugins for your site is the secret key to success.

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