Turn Your Cloud Hosting Into High Performing Machine

If you have heavy hosting requirements for your company, you may want to think about cloud hosting. This form of hosting has become very popular in the last several years, and is one of the most effective ways to enhance your users’ Internet experience.

Below are some of the key benefits of cloud hosting. Keep reading and learn why you should give it a try.

Pricing Is Flexible

For most hosting, you pay a monthly fee no matter if you use all of the hosting bandwidth or not. With a cloud hosting contract, you only pay for what your company uses.

So, if you think you will have a social media post go viral, or your site is getting a lot of traffic, you do not need to upgrade your package in many cases. You just need to scale the resources you have when there is a traffic surge and go back down when your traffic goes back to its normal level.

It’s great to not pay pricey hosting fees when your pricing is matched to the amount of bandwidth you are using.

Easy to Scale

Your server resources are a breeze with cloud hosting. With cloud servers, you can access your website’s speed and overall performance as it happens. You can increase or decrease site resources by the minute. You don’t need to wait for your hosting provider to do the work.

Redundant Servers

Most hosting has your site on one server. If something goes wrong with the server, your site goes down. It’s possible to lose thousands of dollars or more in revenue when your site goes offline.

When you have redundant hosting, there is a site backup that will come online when one server goes down. But with cloud hosting, you have a copy, live version of your site that goes online when the regular one goes down.

High Availability

If you have regular hosting, the uptime for your site is dependent on your servers. If it goes down, your site goes down.

But cloud hosting has a high level of uptime. Your site is using several server’s resources virtually, so you can quickly go to another server if one goes offline.

Also, you can scale your server resources at any time so your site never goes offline because traffic surged.

Now that you know more about cloud hosting for your company, why would you choose anything else?