Text Message Marketing – What Is It And How Can You Use It To Your Business Advantage?

One of the best marketing strategies today is using SMS marketing. Your ability to send text messages to others regarding information related to your business can assist you in growing your sales and encouraging engagement. Text message marketing is something you will want to use with your business, plus there are many different terms that you should be aware of when using the strategies. Many can be straightforward, whereas others are much more intricate, related to opt-in text messaging. The following information will discuss opt-in text messaging and how this form of marketing can improve your business.

How is Opt-In Text Messaging An Asset When It Comes To Marketing

When you do SMS marketing, it’s essential to get consent from each customer receiving your text messages. Texting without permission is considered against the law and is an invasion of privacy. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires businesses to get consent from anyone that receives text messages. When they do this, this is called an opt-in.

To opt is another way of saying that people choose to receive the messages you want to send them. A person will seek their approval, which is the only way texting communications can occur. You can obtain this permission in many different ways, and once you have accepted, you can send the messages to them without consequence.

This form of marketing is very effective because you can market your products and advertise services your customers may be interested in obtaining. In addition, you can get your text messages and begin to communicate with people daily. Therefore, this form of marketing can be beneficial for your business.

How do Opt-In Text Messages Help You Create A Clean Marketing List

Once they have opted in to receive your text messages, they voluntarily accept doing so. They are permitting you to send them messages, and once this is done, you will no longer have to worry about promoting your products or services. This can also help you avoid spam complaints made by customers who have willingly joined the subscription.

Opt-In Text Messages And Saving You Time And Money

This form of marketing is also a great strategy if you simultaneously target a much more broad audience. Opt-in text messages will become a marketing asset for your business, especially if the list is clean and full of contacts that have opted to receive your notifications. Unfortunately, there are so many regulations surrounding text messaging consumers, and you cannot simply buy a list and begin sending text messages whenever you want to.

It must be an opt-in list. Once this starts and you have permission, everything will work on autopilot. An opt-in list will enable you to start contacting these people, nurturing your list, and converting them into paying customers for everything you have to offer. Opt-in text marketing is very different from email marketing, in which the emails can change, but phone numbers on mobile phones rarely do, nor will you send out to unresponsive mobile users when you begin to market to them.

Automated Text Response

In the same way, you also need to provide a way for them to opt-out of your text messages so that they will not feel as if they are locked into this form of marketing. This automated text response can be automatically triggered by the customers that no longer want to receive your text messages.