Specifications of the Dell’s Trending Budget Mobile Workstation

Dell has announced its new Precision M3540 to enter the 3D CAD world.  Like a bolt from the blue, it is regarded to be a big push in respect to lucrative entry-level in the Mobile workstation world.  It is the most budget-friendly device mainly made for architects, designers, and engineers. 

Specifications of the Device

  • It is a very well built and compact device that will grab the attention of the users. The thickness of the device is precisely 20.35 mm and the weight is also around 1.83 kg. The keyboard also offers the service of numeric, which you don’t see often in such classy machines. It has been done to provide some flexibility while typing.
  • Privacy has been modified in this device. You can see that the privacy shutter of the webcam and also an additional fingerprint sensor is there in the device. Three USB 3.1 Gone ports and also USB-C with the facility of optional thunderbolt has been decently provided. 
  • RJ45 Ethernet and HDMI both are there with the choice of Intel wireless or Qualcomm in Bluetooth mode. It is built on the 8th Gen with i7 Intel core processor and PowerEdge 14G
  • There are two possibilities of the graphics, whether it is Intel UHD 620 integrated version which is apt for 2D CAD, or it is AMD Radeon Pro WX which is super fine for 3D CAD and also BIM. Unlike the others, this product has only one fan for cooling down both CPU and GPU. As the power draw is very little that’s why it doesn’t bother at all. 
  • The memory of the device is a little lower than the other existing products. It is 32 GB to be precise, but it should be enough for smooth work in CAD or BIM.

The only drawback is that you have to choose between the SSD (Solid State Drive) and the HDD (Hard Disk Drive). You can’t have both as the combination differs in each. You should go with your budget and if it is too tight then HDD would be a better option to choose between the two. 

The 15.6-inch display can be upgraded to the FHD display. You can also upgrade the 3 cell 48whr battery to 4 cell 68whr by paying some extra amount. The battery life is amazingly well in this device comparing to the other products. The price is affordable and is not too high for entry-level specifications.