Photos of Strawberry Legs on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Instagram, you may have noticed that some photos feature leg hairs with tiny black dots that look like the seeds on a strawberry. This condition is called strawberry legs and it’s caused by a variety of different skin conditions.

Some of these conditions include keratosis pilaris and folliculitis. Fortunately, there are ways to treat these issues and prevent strawberry legs from forming.

To learn more about this issue and why so many Instagram users are talking about it, be sure to read through the full article below.

What are Strawberry Legs and Why Do People Get It?

The most obvious symptom of strawberry legs is tiny black or red dots that look like the skin and seeds of a strawberry. These teeny bumps, which are technically open comedones, contain a mix of excess oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and debris that can get trapped under the skin’s surface.

This condition can be prevented and treated through at-home remedies and a few easy tweaks to your shaving and skincare routines.

The main cause of strawberry legs is inflamed hair follicles due to friction while wearing tight clothing, like leggings or tight shorts, during workouts, according to dermatologist Rachel Maiman, M.D. Laser hair removal also helps prevent strawberry legs because it works to remove the follicle at its root, she says.

Where to Find Photos of Strawberry Legs on IG

Strawberry legs are a symptom of certain skin conditions, such as keratosis pilaris and folliculitis. The tiny black bumps, which resemble the seeds of a strawberry, are the result of pores and hair follicles that are clogged with dirt, bacteria or oil.

When exposed to air, these enlarged pores or follicles (comedones) oxidize and turn dark, which gives them the strawberry leg appearance.

This skin condition is most often seen on the legs, but it can also occur on other parts of the body. If you’re concerned about your legs, it’s best to consult a dermatologist.

Celebrities with Strawberry Legs

In a world where social media fuels the never-ending quest for unattainable perfection, it can be hard to stay true to yourself. This is especially true for women of colour, who are often subject to a disproportionately high amount of negative body image.

Some celebrities, however, are unafraid to discuss their struggles with this skin condition, making it a point to help break down stigmas around it and inspire others living with strawberry legs to be brave about sharing their experiences too! Scroll on to learn more about 12 celebs who are talking openly about their experience with strawberry legs.

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