Perfect VPN with the Best Security in Cyberghost

Have you heard of VPNs and want to find out more? Have you ever seen the name of the CyberGhost provider, but you are not sure if the solution offered by this company is quality?

In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions. In order to be able to give you an opinion on CyberGhost VPN, we have indeed reviewed various points. Among them, security, speed, functionalities… Nothing will be left to chance in order to be able to give you the best possible recommendation. The best Free VPN is the one that is secure of course.

Who is CyberGhost VPN? How to install it?

CyberGhost is a Virtual Private Network provider, i.e. a tool or software that allows you to protect your devices when you connect to the internet. In particular, this gives you the possibility of hiding your identity, your IP address, but also the activities you do online. More than a VPN, it also offers a series of features to be safe on the internet. Know more of it in this cyberghost vpn review.

The VPN market is a very active market and the many players present are trying as best they can to find a place among the big ones. And among the big ones, there is CyberGhost VPN. He largely deserves his presence in the Top 3, with impeccable and reassuring service. Below we are going to give you all the information to know more and our own review of CyberGhost, tested in 2021.

First of all, know that this is a publisher founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania. It quickly established itself on the market, offering an application of very good quality, while remaining very affordable. Over the years, the functionalities have been developed and the number of servers has greatly increased, allowing the provider to adapt to the needs of consumers. The takeover by the Kape group in 2017 gave a boost to the company which has since established itself among the best VPN providers on the market.

How to install the application?

Before going into a little more technical details, a little focus on the download and the supplier installation process. In order to have a global vision to give you this opinion on CyberGhost VPN, we have taken care to test the application on several devices. We tested it on iPhone, but also on Mac and iPad.

Of course, if you’re on Windows or Android, this will work just as well. There is no real difference except that you will have to go to Google Play and not the App Store to download the application on mobile, tablet or Smart TV. In any case, the VPN is available on all operating systems.


Whether you are an expert in the IT field or a novice, you will not encounter any problem since it suffices to download the file from the supplier’s site, open it and let you guide through the various steps to finalize the installation on your computer. No prior setting is required.