Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliance: Three Things Businesses Need To Know

  1. Microsoft Teams can be configured to meet HIPAA privacy and security requirements

Are Teams HIPAA-compliant?

So is Teams HIPAA-compliant? According to Microsoft, the Microsoft Teams platform, built on the Microsoft 365 cloud, helps enable HIPAA conformance. Organizations can configure Microsoft Teams to meet HIPAA privacy and security requirements.

Microsoft Teams complianceexplained HIPAA compliance and that all its cloud apps and networks were built using its Trusted Cloud principles to ensure security, privacy, and compliance. It was able to comply with the HIPAA Security Rules by doing this. Key elements of that rule for “covered entities”–organizations that must follow HIPAA regulations–include:

  • Ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of electronic PHI
  • Security of information security: Detection and protection against potential threats
  • Protection against impractical or inappropriate uses and disclosures
  • Their workforce must be certified to comply
  1. A BAA is an essential step in ensuring Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliance

Before Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliance can even be considered and made available to HIPAA-covered organizations’ workforce, it will need a business associate agreement. Why? HIPAA Regulations require covered entities and business associates to enter contracts to ensure that PHI is adequately protected. Microsoft is a business associate if it provides services for covered entities.

  1. It is up to the covered entities to ensure that Microsoft Teams meets HIPAA requirements

HIPAA compliance requires that you demonstrate appropriate IT-related internal controls to mitigate fraud and risk. Covered entities must take the necessary steps to ensure that Microsoft Teams’ security and compliance relate to HIPAA regulations.

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