Lasers Everywhere

If there is one technology that continues to amazing nearly everyone, young and old, it’s lasers. That’s made even more amazing when you consider the fact that nearly everywhere you turn, lasers are there and in use. Not only that, but their applications are constantly expanding, and in more areas than probably anyone ever considered.

There was a time when lasers were strictly the stuff of science fiction. After all, what would Capt Kirk, Spock, and every other member of the crew be without lasers? The truth is; however, lasers are everywhere today. People today are nearly surrounded by them. They are even present in our homes. What follows below is just a short list of some of the most common, everyday applications of lasers. If you want more, check out BossLaser Youtube.

Engraving and Etching

Anyone who ever received something that was personalized recently was probably overjoyed with the gift. What they probably never thought of was the fact that the gift received was probably personalized with a laser.

It used to be that personalization was something done with a lot of intricate machinery, with many different scales and equipment designed to produce engravings of great complexity. Not anymore. Thanks to advances in modern laser technology, engraving is done with a laser alone, and with practically no other equipment. The engraver only has to feed the order into a computer, which creates a “stencil” for the laser to follow.

Perhaps best of all, laser engraving can be done on virtually any material, from wood to metal and glass to fabric. Further, there’s no job that’s too big or too small for a laser to accomplish.


To a great extent, lasers were made for cutting. In fact, cutting various types of materials was where lasers got their start. And, thanks to a few forward-looking people, lasers evolved from there. Today, laser cutting is second nature, with applications ranging from aerospace to hobbyists. Virtually anyone who has a cut to make can do it quicker, easier, and more cost-effectively with a laser.

Cutting can be done with a laser to a degree of accuracy unmatched by any other type of cutter. It also does it on almost any size of material and with almost no waste. If something needs to be reproduced, lasers are not only the best way to accomplish the task, but they can do so to exact specifications unmatched by any other method.


It’s probably every hobbyist’s dream to have a hobby they can turn into a business. For whomever that is the case, lasers will fill the bill. There are many hobbyists who enjoy working with lasers to accomplish all kinds of crafts that otherwise would not be cost-effective or would be too time-consuming to enjoy without it.

Hobbyists use lasers to engrave, etch, reproduce, and make all sorts of objects they sell and make for themselves and friends. This is testimony to how much fun and how inexpensive it can be to get involved in the world of lasers.