How to merge PDF files

Pdf is a universal file format for storing scanned, editable and protected from modification text and graphic documents. This cross-platform format is widespread in educational institutions, business, government agencies. To send a report, for example, sometimes you need to glue several pages in pdf format into a single document.

Let’s look at ways to combine PDF documents into one using applications and online services and compare their functionality.

There are a lot of web applications that allow you to edit and combine PDF documents. Among them there are both paid and free. Consider what free online services offer.


Working with the web application, like with most analogs, is simple. It does not require mandatory registration. Go to the website and click “Start free trial”. Below you can switch the language if necessary. Drag and drop documents into the form or open them on your computer to combine. You can also provide links to pdf, which are stored in the cloud services Google Drive and Dropbox. Arrange them in the desired order by dragging with the mouse and start the merging process. In the page view mode, pages can be swapped, deleted unnecessary, rotated by 90 degrees. Click “Combine PDF”. They can also be compressed to save space, but the process will take longer.


A free service that allows you to combine up to 20 pdf files into one pdf file. Go to the website and click on the “Merge PDF” tab. Click “Upload files” and upload documents, then click “Merge”.

Free PDF tools

Able to combine files into one in 7-8 clicks. Go to the site and open the “Combine PDF” section. Select the documents using the Browse button and click Combine. Download the result from the direct link.

PDF24 Tools

On the page, click “Combine PDF”, download the objects from your computer and combine them into one file using the “Create PDF” button.


Unlike analogs, it specifies the ranges of document pages that will be used to build a new file. On the page, click “Combine” and drag the documents into the window or open them through the classic dialog. Specify page ranges and click “Merge”.

Acrobat Reader

The program from the developers of the pdf format. In the area of ​​combining files, he has no equal. Acrobat Reader allows you to view and organize pages and documents in a future assembly file, delete unnecessary pages, drag and drop them from one document to another.

Among the services considered, the most functional are: AnyPDF web application, Acrobat Reader program, and PDF-XChange Editor. Simpler programs and online services also cope with combining two or more pdf files into one without distorting their original appearance, formatting and encoding the text layer.