How to Clean Up Your Phone’s Camera Roll

The average person has over 600 photos on their smartphone. If you’re a smartphone user, your camera roll might be starting to look a little cluttered after a few years. 

What do you do when your camera roll is a mess? How do you effectively organize your photos without getting rid of the ones you like?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about cleaning up your phone’s camera roll. 

Choose Favorites

The first two tips might feel tedious, but they’re absolutely necessary. First, you need to go through your entire photo library and choose the photos that mean the most to you.

The best tip we have here is to be decisive. The main point of this exercise is to clean your library. iPhone users will automatically get a folder made up exclusively of their favorite photos.

Don’t get tied up about every image. And for those photos, you feel you can let go…

Delete, Delete, Delete

The only way you can truly clean out your photo library is by making liberal use of the delete button. Don’t be scared. The more you delete, the easier this whole process becomes. 

Duplicate photos, blurry pics, and screenshots that you don’t even remember the context for can simply go. iPhoto files can also be manipulated when deleting photos too. 

Once you’ve deleted all you can, it’s time to move on to other steps in the camera roll cleaning process.

Leverage Albums

We mentioned albums before, but they’re an excellent way to optimize where you store your favorite photos. Coming up with album themes can be a fun exercise in and of itself. 

Whether it’s by month, year, date, or trip, there are plenty of ways to create memorable albums. Better yet, it helps you keep everything on track. 

Prioritize Photos

This might be a crucial step if you take a lot of photos on your phone then edit them later. By setting priorities for your photos (like labeling some as “edited” and others as “need edits), you can streamline your work. 

Even if you aren’t a photo editor, labeling your albums properly will help you navigate your camera roll. This way you can easily find photos when showing them to your friends!

Back Everything Up

Once you’ve created your album and deleted all the extraneous photos, it’s time to back up your new camera roll. Use apps like Google Photos to help you do this.

Backing everything up will give you a groundwork with which to work whenever something gets screwed up with your camera roll. Doing this regularly will also be valuable especially if you take photos often.

Find Faces

This is an underrated aspect of modern camera rolls. Being able to identify faces will likely help you organize different moments in time.

This is an excellent tool to use if you’re making albums. It might feel like an extraneous feature, but finding faces can actually lead you a long way.

Leverage Camera Roll Cleaning Tips

Gone are the days you’re stuck scrolling through junk to find the right photo on your phone. Use this guide to clean up your camera roll today.

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