How Can TikTok Be Useful?

In addition to relaxing and having fun, the application can be useful for other purposes. Tiktok downloader provides a unique opportunity of saving video without a watermark.

Attracting New Faces

On TikTok, an active audience that views, likes, is added to subscribers and shares videos on other social networks. In the profile, you can leave a link to Instagram, Youtube, or your website. This way. you will significantly expand the number of subscribers and visitors.

TikTok Earning Organizations

Well-known bloggers on Instagram, Youtube have been making money from advertising for a long time. So why not use this method on TikTok too? You can either advertise your services or goods or earn on the promotion of brands, online stores, etc. that have contacted you.

There is another way to make money in the application: after your TikTok account gains 1000 subscribers, you will be able to conduct direct ethers. The trick is that viewers can make donations (donations) in favor of streamers (those who broadcast). Donations are made using the internal currency of the social network: 100 coins in TikTok is nearly $1.

Promotion or Brand Awareness

It can create a hashtag for a marketing campaign and encourage users to post videos using it. For example, the American company Guess has partnered with TikTok and launched the hashtag #InMyDenim. The brand asked users to post a before/after video of them going from “disheveled to glamorous,” naturally wearing trendy Guess denim. As a result, the campaign hashtag has shown staggering results: 40.7 million views to date.

The main thing to remember when using TikTok when promoting a business is that it is a social network for recreation and entertainment after all. Most of them come here to simply “kill time”, so complex content will not work.