Content Marketing: The 3 Commandments Of The Smart Method 

In the era of social networks and the proliferation of media, content is king. Developing a Content Marketing strategy by creating unique content and disseminating it on the right media has become a must for any brand. Especially since the promises of Content Marketing are many: by offering quality content, you will increase your traffic and therefore your notoriety; you will gain credibility and gain the confidence of your readership, you will generate leads and then convert them into customers, you will build loyalty with your contact base and make them ambassadors for your brand.

Specific will be the objectives whatever content you choose; it is necessary to determine your objectives. By “specific” here is meant “precise”. The more clearly your objectives are formulated, the easier it will be to achieve them. Thus, “producing content” cannot be an objective. You will opt for a very specific goal, such as “producing 3 blog articles per week and 1 social media post each day”. Specifying your goal makes it more understandable, and therefore easier to achieve. Specific objectives will be much more motivating and will guarantee better results.

Measurable Will Be The Expected Results

Like any marketing strategy, a “content” strategy must generate measurable results. For each piece of content you produce, define quantifiable results: how many views should your blog post reach? What percentage of your readers must subscribe to your newsletter after sending your mailing? How many clicks should this post on social networks generate? Whether it’s the number of views, clicks or a share of your global target, setting quantified objectives is always possible for your content, whatever the media.

The Objectives Of Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Be Achievable

Setting quantified goals is an essential step in the SMART strategy, also for Content Marketing. However, these objectives must be achievable. Don’t set your goals without considering the context. For example, in Europe, the average email opening rate is barely 27%. It is, therefore, unnecessary to set a rate that is too high. Also study the profile of your target, its average engagement rate on your previous campaigns, to be able to set a realistic goal.

Realistic, You Will Stay

If Content Marketing promises very beneficial results, it requires certain resources to achieve them. Building a relevant editorial strategy and imagining quality multimedia content with the help of,takes time and requires some expertise. Set your goals according to your means: what internal resources to mobilize and what can you expect from them? It is therefore absurd to aim to write ten articles a week if you have only a part-time writer on your team. And if you don’t have the skills in SEO Company Ahmedabad, graphic design and copywriting in-house, can you devote a sufficient budget to outsource the creation of your content?