China Firewall: What You Need To Know

The China firewall has been a hot topic in the news for years now. But what is it, and why does it matter? Well, it is a fascinating and complex beast. It has the power to block access to websites, search engines, and even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

China’s internet censorship system blocks access to websites that are not approved by Chinese authorities. This means that Chinese citizens can’t view any content that might be critical of the Chinese government or culture. That said, let us get into details about what the China firewall is.

What is the Great Wall of China?

The China Firewall is a complex system that uses many different censorship methods, including blocking websites through DNS tampering or keyword filtering, redirecting Chinese users to government-approved versions of search engines like Baidu instead of Google, and limiting access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter throughout China.

Below is a detailed way through which the China firewall works;

  • DNS poisoning- Chinese authorities can change the China router’s DNS settings to redirect Chinese users away from certain websites to see a 404 not found error or another page.
  • Keyword filtering- Chinese authorities blacklisted certain keywords which are related to sensitive topics. Instead of showing results about these topics when you search them on Baidu, it will show either no results or just plain propaganda.
  • Access to IP blocking- Chinese authorities can simply block China users from accessing a certain website by blocking access to the IP addresses of that site.
  • Blocking VPNs- The Chinese government is known for banning its citizens from using VPNs. Chinese companies are not allowed to own or operate foreign servers, so basically, they just blocked their people off all international internet traffic.

With the great China firewall still in place, the big question is, does it have any impact on the Chinese people and other people from different parts of the world? Of course, yes, it has a huge impact on Chinese people, Chinese businesses, and Chinese tourists trying to get around the Chinese internet censorship.

When setting up a website, for example, it needs to pass the China firewall test to be accessible for Chinese people. If the website does not meet the China internet censorship, it means that Chinese people cannot access the China website. It is also important to note that bypassing the China Firewall can get you into trouble with Chinese authorities.

A China Firewall test is important for anyone who wants to run or access their website in China. You should consider working with a Chinese hosting provider who can ensure China internet censorship compliance for your China website.

In the past, VPNs were a great way to bypass China Firewall, and access blocked websites from China. However, recently, the Chinese government has taken new steps by imposing stricter restrictions on accessing foreign websites through their VPN services. In addition to that, it is now illegal in China to install any kind of software or app which attempts to circumvent the China firewall test without prior approval from Chinese authorities.