Bee Booster APK for Android

Is it hard to manage your Android phone to have better performance? Most of the time it is yes. Because Android phones receives updates to have better security and features. But system updates will collect junks that take up your phone storage. That’s why many Android users complain about loss of storage after few months of usage.

There are many other ways to collect junks and lose performance. Deleting your files, installed applications and games will not free expected amount of storage. That is due to junks. You can’t delete junk files manually. No need to factory reset to get full storage back. You can use applications like Bee Booster easily remove all the junks.

There are many performance booster applications like phone master, CCleaner, clean master and NOX cleaner. You can choose whatever junk cleaner you want. Many of them will deliver good results. Here we are discussing about Bee Booster. This is a free application available on Google Play Store. Does not require root access to install and hard procedures to follow. If you do not have Play Store application, you can use third party Android app stores like ac market apk.

Features of Bee Booster

Below show main features of this application. Feel free to install this application from ac market or play store to find all those free features.

  • Phone Booster – Use this feature to speed up your phone and to have smoother experience. There are situations where your current application or game lag and slow to response for your inputs.Quickly free RAM and CPU by closing all opened apps and background tasks to allow your current application or game run at max speed.
  • Junk Cleaner – Remove all junks including duplicates, downloaded files, cache files, residuals, corrupted files, dump files and etc. Best way to get free storage without deleting your files.
  • Battery Saver – Identify high battery draining applications even without using the phone. Hibernating and blocking unwanted apps and background services that drain battery helps to have more battery time.
  • CPU Cooler – There are many situations that phone get hotter without using it. It is because of background tasks. You can find those unwanted CPU intensive applications and delete them. You can use this feature when your phone is hot. It will close applications to reduce CPU stress in order to reduce heat generate from CPU.
  • Notification blocker – Do you fed up with junk notifications like game news, app news, new features and many more. All most all Android apps and games push notifications. You can block notifications from those app to have cleaner notification panel using this feature.