5 Most Popular Django Applications

The Django framework is considered the best choice when it comes to building Python-based communication platforms, CRM or CMS systems, and other applications. Being an open-source framework with highly customized architecture, it facilitates fast development. When creating highly scalable web applications websphere with increasing visitors, Django is the most preferred framework of web developers. You can choose a top-rated Django development company to create web applications using Django frameworks that include a user dashboard, various database supports, admin functions, and more.

Check out the five most Popular Django applications that have grown and progressed by making good use of this technology.

  1. Instagram

Your favoriteInstagram had been developed by Kevin and Mike using the Django framework. This rapidly growing photo and video sharing application processes an enormous amount of data and controls an even greater number of interactions among users every single second. Django offers ready-to-implement solutions and helped developers focus on the UI and UX of the app instead of having concerns about the backend technology that lets it work. A top-rated Django development company helped in developing this app. It used Sentry tools to keep an eye on and detect errors across the system in real-time.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is a leading video sharing platform that doesn’t need any introduction. Although PHP was used to develop this app owned by Google, Django was used to enhance its performance and add new functionalities. Using the Django framework was fully justified as it let YouTube handle rapid audience growth. With so many powerful features and enabling rapid development, Django helped YouTube app developers in scalability and effective handling of volumes of data. As of now, up-gradation and implementation of new features can be done quickly and flawlessly by the team of developers.

  1. Spotify

Founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify is the world’s leading platform that provides digital music, podcasts, and video services to its active users. It has revolutionized the way people listen to music, share, and purchase it. The developers required a suitable framework for implementing machine learning algorithms and facilitating scalability and cross-platform compatibility. Spotify developers choseDjango development company for implementing machine learning in their web application and for the fast backend.

  1. Dropbox

It is one of the most famous cloud storage services for all kinds of your files. This online storage service is accessible with various devices, to let its users access their files anywhere, anytime. From the beginning, it was powered by Python to develop both the server and the desktop client software. Dropbox developers chose Django development company and Django as the framework to provide various types of file sharing options, to add the user history, and to synchronize the account.

  1. Mozilla

Mozilla is a popular browser that handles millions of visitors daily. Initially, it was developed with PHP and CakePHP but as the visitors increased the developers adopted Python and Django to enhance efficiency and handle traffic effectively. Now, all Mozilla Support sites and their add-ons are powered by Django.


Django has been one of the most preferred choices for web developers to develop highly scalable websites that can handle huge traffic, without any loading problem or affecting its speed. This article enumerates the five most popular apps that use Python and Python-based Django frameworks.