9 Delicious Macbook Hacks for Fresher (Digital) Fruit

Millions of MacBook computers are sold each year.

For many, it’s their first time experiencing iOS on a computer. Unfortunately, this can lead you to feel overwhelmed and confused.

Do you own a MacBook? Do you know all the tips and tricks that can help you accomplish tasks faster, try new features, and get your money’s worth from your laptop?

Learning some hacks to take your digital experience to the next level is a good idea. So read on to discover nine MacBook hacks that will help you optimize your Apple computer and get the most use out of it that you possibly can.

1. Split View

Do you ever find yourself switching back and forth between two screens? This can get tedious after a while. It’s much easier to look at both screens side by side, and with split-view, you can do this on a MacBook.

To do this, hover your mouse over the green button that’s on the upper left corner.

Several options pop up, but choose either “tile to the left” or “tile to the right.” Then, select the opposite for the second screen.

You will now be able to see two screens side by side!

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts for everything from copying and pasting to force quit an app.

Some practical actions that you can perform with shortcuts are:

  • Undo
  • Print
  • Quick look
  • Screen lock
  • Move up or down one line

You can find a list of every command that you can carry out with keyboard shortcuts here.

3. Use Spotlight

The most straightforward way to bring up Spotlight is by pressing command and spacebar at the same time.

From here, you can type in whatever you’re looking for, and options will pop up for you to click on. This is often much quicker than searching through several menus to pull up applications that you might need.

You can also use Spotlight to convert currency, temperature, and measurement and perform math calculations.


You can enter a mathematical expression, and a calculator will solve it for you. This is much easier than pulling up the calculator app or using a physical one because it’s quick, and you never have to look away from your screen.

Currency Conversions

Do you need to figure out how much a certain amount of American dollars are in Canadian currency? Spotlight can help you with that too. Enter a currency amount and choose how you want it to be converted.

4. Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on the phone is simple, but one of the MacBook tricks many people forget about is taking a screenshot on your computer.

To capture a specific portion of your screen:

  1. Hit command, shift, and 4
  2. Drag the crosshair to your desired area

To capture your entire window:

  1. Hit command, shift, and 4
  2. Hit the spacebar
  3. Click on the desired window

In both cases, your screenshots will show up on your desktop under the date and time it was taken.

5. Batch Rename Files

The ability to rename files in bulk will save you time and help you remain organized without the frustration of going through and changing things one by one.

The steps are simple:

  1. Highlight the files
  2. Right-click
  3. Select “rename” from the menu
  4. Select your desired format/name
  5. Click rename to save this setting

From here, your files will be renamed accordingly.

6. Add Emojis

Everyone loves using emojis on their phone, but did you know that you can use them to add some personality into your messages and emails on your MacBook as well?

This is one of the best MacBook tips if you use your laptop just as much as your phone. To do it, press command, control, and the space bar. This brings up the emoji keyboard, and you can click whichever one you would like to add.

You can even search within the emoji keyboard to find the ones you’re looking for more quickly.

7. Make Use of Apps

One of the best things to do when optimizing a MacBook is making use of the many apps that help boost productivity and put powerful tools at your fingertips.

Check out to learn more about a simple way to access hundreds of valuable apps and download upgrades that help your computer run smoothly.

8. Set Do Not Disturb

At times you might want to work on your computer without being bombarded by incoming notifications.

To do this straightforwardly, hold down the option button on your keyboard and select the notification center button. It will dim, which indicates you’re using the “do not disturb” setting.

You can even schedule this feature to turn on and off during specific times of the day.

This setting is helpful because you can temporarily mute notifications without messing with any of your notification settings. Once you turn off this setting, all of your notifications will flow in so that you can get up to date.

9. Send and Receive Texts

If you have an iPhone, sending and receiving messages on your MacBook is as simple as logging in with your Apple ID and allowing forwarding to your message settings.

Then, you can open your messages app just as you would on your phone. All of your current conversations will be viewable, and when you respond on your computer, it will sync to your phone as well.

This is an excellent feature for anyone that wants to be in the loop but doesn’t want to be glued to their phone.

Make Use of MacBook Hacks

This article highlighted nine MacBook hacks that everyone can make good use of, from setting your computer to “do not disturb” and blocking out the world of notifications to learning how to send fun emojis from your laptop.

If you take the time to apply these MacBook tricks, you will no doubt see a boost in your productivity and an increase in your enjoyment when you use your computer!

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