Working with security agency in Montreal: Things to know!

No matter whether you need security for a mall, or want to manage traffic at a construction site, the role of a security agency is highly important. The good news is Montreal has some really known security agencies, many of which specialize in diverse sectors. Companies like XGuard offer a whole bunch of services – including prevention of theft, vandalism, and loss. If you are planning to hire a security agency for your business, here are some things worth knowing.

Start with service profile

Sorting security agencies will be much easier, if you know what you need and what a company can practically offer. Providing security guards is just one part of work profile. Agencies also offer services like mobile security patrolling, traffic control and police support. Make sure that you think of long-term collaboration while selecting a security agency. Expertise in your sector and ability to deliver custom security solutions are critical aspects.

Figure out your company’s needs

What kind of security services are you looking for? Do you simply need security guards around the clock? Or would you want to hire a team to handle traffic and manage crowd? Having a clear idea of your requirements will help in getting a more transparent quote. Most security agencies in Montreal will be more than happy to offer an estimate for free, but that should be based on the needs of your business.

Changing times

For many sectors, the ongoing pandemic has created an unexpected global crisis, and businesses are being forced to ensure social distancing within the premises and beyond. The retail sector and allied businesses offering essentials are more in need of professional experts and guards, who can keep up with the protocols and current norms. When you talk about your current security needs, mention the basic premise protocols that must be adhered to.

Don’t miss the basics

Make sure that you select an agency that’s based in Montreal and is licensed and insured. Check if they have an in-house team of experts and guards, and whether they can work with your company in a tailored manner. Ask them about how they hire their people, if adequate background checks have been done, and the extent to which they will claim liability, in case of theft, or any mishap, caused by their workers.

Lastly, do check reviews of the particular agency before you hire them and sign up for the long term.