What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server hosting is a popular hosting service for websites. It utilizes virtualization technology to provide dedicated resources on your server. It is a stable and secure solution compared to services like shared hosting, which does not use dedicated servers.

VPS hosting is a preference for most website owners who have medium-level traffic and need the advantages of dedicated servers. This option is also cheaper than other solutions which is important if you want to save money.

How VPS works

Simply put, a server is a computer where your web host stores databases that are needed for your website. Therefore if a visitor wants to access your site, the browser sends the information to your server, and the necessary files are transferred through the internet. With VPS hosting, you’ve a virtual server that simulates the physical one.

With virtualization technology, your host installs a virtual layer on the server’s operating system. That divides the server into different partitions and allows users to install their software and OS. A VPS is both virtual and private, and therefore you’ve complete control over almost everything. It is separated from other users on the OS level.

VPS technology is like creating several partitions on your computer when you want to run different OS systems without rebooting. VPS enables you to set up your website with guaranteed resources securely. You’ve the same root-level access like you’ve got a dedicated server and at a lower cost.

VPS compared to other web hosting types

Several types of web hosting will allow you to perform various levels of customization on your server. These depend on performance pricing and service availability.

Here is how VPS can be compared to other hosting solutions

Shared hosting

For websites with lower traffic shared hosting is the solution. This is interesting for bloggers and small businesses. The same physical server is split and shared with other clients. Here, you’ve no dedicated resources because your site runs on the same operating system as the other websites hosted here. Shared hosting can be compared to flat share. Everyone has his own room to customize depending on his needs. But all live within one house.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting operates on a cluster of servers rather than on a single one, which runs in the cloud. The cluster stores an updated copy of your site. Therefore, when a cluster is working to capacity, it automatically redirects the traffic to a less busy server. There is no downtime with cloud hosting.


WordPress hosting


This is a service offered to WordPress website owners. It comes with several WordPress -related features that you can use only if you have a WordPress website, like one-click installation or the WP command-line interface. If you choose VPS for your WordPress site, you can configure your hosting according to your needs.


With VPS hosting, you’ve access to resources, and you’ve full control of your server even though you’re not running the server yourself. All you need is a reliable VPS hosting company that will ensure that you have unlimited traffic and zero downtime.