What is Android Cloud Storage?

Android cloud storage is cloud storage that can be accessed from mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Similar to other cloud computing models, cloud storage providers provide services that enable users to build and organize files, directories, music, and images.

Benefits of cloud computing for Android phones

If you’re a professional photographer or just want to make sure all of your files are secure, cloud storage has a lot to offer both personal and business users. This is significant because it means that anyone with an Android phone can use cloud storage to share, view, edit, and copy files, as long as the approved user grants access.

Few other benefits include:

  1. Cost-Effective: You can store data in clouds free of cost to a certain point.
  2. Easy to use: It’s always as easy as dragging and dropping the file you want to keep.
  3. Secure: In particular, saving to the cloud and offloading from your computer reduces the risk of anyone gaining access to your device and accessing your personal information.

Some of the best cloud storages for Android phones are: 

Google Drive: 

It all comes to Google Drive in the beginning. On Android, Google Drive is difficult to beat. Google has integrated file development and editing directly on the phone using G-Suite, starting with 15GB of free storage.


One of the best features of Dropbox is that users can access their files even when they are not connected to the internet. So, if you’re getting ready to move and won’t have Internet access for a while, you can designate the files you need as being eligible for offline work and still have them available.

One Drive: 

One Drive’s compatibility with the majority of Windows users is a big advantage. It also has one of the largest free storage capacities, with 15GB available.

Amazon Drive: 

Amazon Drive’s cross-platform accessibility is one of its standout features. This means you can use Amazon Drive on both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to share files with friends and colleagues who don’t own Android phones.


Although Box is geared toward businesses, it does provide 10GB of free storage for individuals.

Cloud Security: 

On the cloud, your files are almost always safer than on your computer. Every company claims to provide the safest cloud storage, but the majority of the options reviewed here provide similar levels of encryption and protection for individual users.