Website Designing


Before we start let’s know what Web Design is, it is a concept of designing a website which contains a lot of information about goods & services. It contains every information even the tiniest of details about the website like what the content should be, what the information should be there, what it should look like and how it should work. Everything comes under web designing. If the website is professional it helps you to get more attention. Web Design has different parts such as Graphic Designing, SEO, and Interface Design etc. There is a team to work on it, they decide what will be the look, how will the texts be written, what will be the colour of it, etc these all things are very important in web designing. If you want to start the web designing work you will have many options. Now it’s not only HTML there are many other great options like if you want to create your own personal website you can hire a professional Web Designer who would be an expert at it and will create a very good website, or you can use a software like FrontPage® or Dreamweaver® as these software do not require a technical expert to work on it, not only software but nowadays there are many online website designing tools which can also be used for it. At WAMP Infotech, one of Delhi's quickest Web Design and Digital Marketing Company, we expect to rethink your character with the goal that you increase most extreme mileage from the online commercial centre.


Web Design is most important for business persons as it helps them a lot in their work. As in the online market system it helps the customers to reach their favourite brands online. It also helps business persons to advertise their brands and get more customers. So all this comes under the website designing; the website is designed in such a way so that the customers get influenced as it is one of the main platforms for advertisement.

But we must know what is the process of generating the website what all is done to create a website.

Generated Content- There is two ways by which the websites are generated, the first one is Static and the other one is Dynamic.

Static Websites- Static websites are the sites which have limited content in it with many different layers. As it is been made by the use of HTML it always shows the same page to every viewer with same information. Well to make these sites is very easy and they take less time. It doesn’t contain much information as it is a very simple website. This website is made by using some of the HTML pages and by bringing them together in use. A static website is short and simple. Static content has fixed information so it can’t just be changed as you want because it contains HTML codes so you need to manually change it by going through everything again. So no big companies prefer static websites, they can be used by in small industry that doesn’t have to deliver much information Web Design. It can be used for small websites but if you want to make a big website from it you need to use hundreds of the pages for it.

Dynamic Website- Dynamic website is a page which changes the information according to the person and what they are searching for. It changes according to time, day, viewer etc. A dynamic website contains lots of information as it doesn’t have to make many pages for more and more detailing in Web Design. Dynamic websites are used by bigger companies those who have to promote or those who want to advertise something it needs to let people know more and more about them in easy ways. In the dynamic website, you don’t have to go through every page if you need to change a single thing you can just change easily. The dynamic website contains different kinds of information which are easy and simple. In the dynamic website, we don’t need 100 of HTML pages for information it can just be fewer pages too.

At the point when dynamic pages are initially created, they are regularly coded specifically in dialects, for example, Perl, PHP or ASP. Some of these, eminently PHP and ASP, utilized by a 'layout' approach where a server-side page looks like the structure of the finished customer's side page and information’s are embedded into places characterized by 'labels'. This is a faster method for improvement than coding in a simple procedural coding dialect, for example, Perl.


  • Professional and Creative Team
  • Project Management System with a full proof plan
  • Quality Work
  • Quick Response
  • Highly Experienced team

Features of Stunning Website-

  • Load Time
  • Typography
  • Colours
  • Layout
  • Clean Code

There are so many different kinds of occupations you can work on after completing this. Web Design is one of the most ongoing trends these days.

Tools and Technologies used in Web Design-

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