Top Method of Examine SQL Transaction Log File Without Fail

Hello Everyone! Many users ask in my opinion – The best way to check or examine LDF file of SQL Server and determine what transaction happens at what time? Just like a database administrator, the reply to this really is – if you work with something whose aim is always to see the Log file, it might be easy. Else it’ll be a cumbersome task.

Transaction Log can be a file that itself features a major value in Microsoft SQL Server. Every database build in SQL Server posseses an individual LDF file. You can examine this file and acquire the whole information regarding the transaction that performed round the particular database in SSMS.

But, Examine SQL Transaction Log file is not simple since it looks

There is no dedicated utility created by Microsoft that could open .ldf file without SQL Server application. Although, there is a Fn_dblog() function whose motto is always to begin to see the log file of SQL Server .

Although, fn_dblog() is certainly an undocumented function. Hence, it isn’t suggested for doing things along with the provided information comprises details in extended figures that’s another find it difficult to review it.

Will there be any method of examine SQL Server LDF file?

Yes! There’s a computer program named as SQL Log Viewer created by SysTools. The most effective software solution that examines the SQL Server Transaction LDF file and recovers the query too inside the designated location. In addition, the self-brought interface of software helps to make the entire process facile. You may even install this program on any Home home windows Operating-system.

There are many advantages connected while using software.

Feature 1: Unparalleled abilities to check out a SQL transaction log file. With this particular, the customer can easily analyse & comprehend the critical changes happened inside the database table.

Feature 2: Shows the transaction reputation for example Insert, Update & Delete combined with time after they were performed in database. Additionally for this entire query visible around the program preview pane. Really, the customer can assess the person query along with schema by hitting it within the dashboard.

Feature 3: Perform LDF recovery by recovering the modified data in to the Microsoft SQL Server. You can export the tables in any SQL Server version, including, SQL Server 2017 / 2016 / 2014 /2012 or below.

Feature 4: Qualified to examine Transaction log file without SQL Server application. And, provide full visibility to all or any the records of Log file in the human-readable format.

Feature 5: Facility to assist and recover advance data type :- Datetime2, datetimeoffset, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geometry & geography. Besides this, the Date filter may also be integrated with tool to bring back exclusively only the specific records from the particular timeline within the Log file.

Feature 6: SQL Log Analyzer can be a well-famous application employed by Forensic Investigator to check out SQL Log file and identify which login ID altered the table records.

Feature 7: You can recover the table records in Comma-separated Values file or SQL scripts round the system.

Feature 8: Easily open & examine SQL Transaction Log file of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 / 2016 / 2014 / 2012 / 2008 / 2005.

How Can Tool Examine Log file of SQL Server Log File

The First Step: Download this program in your body after which click Open to start examining the log file.

Second Step: Either Choose Online DB Option or Offline DB Option. If you want to directly fetch file from SQL Server then, go for Online DB Option. Else, if you want to judge or examine log file without SQL Server then, choose Offline DB Option.

Third Step: Once the checking can get completed, all the records of log file proven around the program dashboard. Here, it is possible to begin to see the Transaction, Login Name, Time, Table Name, Transaction Name, Query.

Fourth Step: Afterward, click Export to recoup the records from log file.

Fifth Step: From Export Setting, you are able to select the Export Filters, Date Filters, Export To/As as stated by the requirement.

Sixth Step: Next, input the destination path when you purchase the SQL Server Compatible Scripts or CSV option.

Step 7: Finally, click Export.

Setting It Up Altogether

There is no efficient manual way in which can open Log (.ldf)file. Therefore, it is good to utilize a perfect software, SQL Log Viewer to scan and check out SQL Transaction Log file. It’s a powerful way to read SQL LDF file with no difficulty. So, whenever there is a necessity to check out .ldf file, utilize this utility and luxuriate in working.