The Call to Action Phrases That’ll Get People Clicking

To calculate your business’s conversion rate, divide your total number of conversions with your number of visitors. Then, multiply that number by 100. If the final number is low, then that’s a sign you’re suffering from poor conversion rates.

Luckily, if you find yourself in this situation, you can improve your conversion rates by incorporating call to action phrases on your website and in your email marketing.

Here are a few effective examples of call to action phrases that you can incorporate into your own marketing strategy.

Activate Blank Today

Such a phrase works well in a call to action button that you can add, for example, to the bottom of the emails you send out to your readers. You can learn more email marketing tips in this blog.

Start Your Journey Towards Blank

Some of the best call to action phrases clearly state how the product will help the user, i.e., your potential customer. They tell users what they will get in exchange for buying your product or giving you their email address.

Do You Want to Blank? Yes or No 

This example combines a call to action with a headline. If your business is geared towards helping improve certain areas of their life, then users are going to be more likely to feel compelled to click the yes button. Conversely, if the user clicks the no button, then they’ll feel conflicted about their desires and actions.

In other words, people don’t want to align themselves with something they don’t believe in. So, if you ask users a question in a headline on either your website or in an email, your call to action becomes more appealing to the user because they know the truth.

You’re Running Out of Time to Blank

This call to action works well in many forms of media. The phrase has its roots in scarcity and urgency, which are two psychological principles that can work in your favor if you use them in moderation. Consumers respond well to these principles because they don’t want to miss out.

Yet, you don’t want to hammer into your user’s heads that they must act now. You don’t want to give users too much time to make their decision because if they have a short time to make a decision, then they are more likely to act.

Get Your Free Blank

By using this phrase, you invite users to get something for free. But, if you use this phrase, then the free item that you offer must be something of value.

Be aware that the word free can be a double-edged sword, as users may equate free to lacking worth. This is where you have the opportunity to prove them wrong by providing the most useful, informational item possible.

Use These Call To Action Phrases to Your Advantage

A call to action can seem unimportant until you start to collect more data from users. By using these call to action phrases on your website and in your email marketing, you can increase your conversion rate and generate more revenue for your business.

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