The Benefits of Led Ceiling Light Fixtures

If you are residing in Singapore, then you must be aware of the rise in the use of led ceiling light fixture. More and more people are switching to LED ceiling light fixtures for their office buildings and residential spaces.

LED lights are not just used for mood lighting or in concerts to create crazy lighting effects even though they are generally associated with colorful bright lights that stereotype is quickly getting warded.

People are now more environmentally conscious than ever, and so they are switching to LED lights. The modern LED lights are perfect for any household. They can be used to light up any space, and the placement of an LED light fixture on a ceiling can be done without any hassle.

Advantages of having Led Ceiling Light Fixtures

  •       More energy efficient

As we all know, LED lights are much more energy-efficient for the illumination of any household. There is a whopping 80 percent to 90 percent difference in energy efficiency when compared to traditional lighting.

This means that 80-90% of electrical energy is converted to light energy in the case of LED light, while only 20-10% converts into other forms of energy like heat.

These statistics get absolutely reverse in the case of regular light bulbs and fluorescent lights. This kind of traditional lighting draws out a lot of power without producing many results. You can easily replace an 84W fluorescent light with a 34W LED without noticing any change in light emission.

The best part about this, which will be your carbon footprint, will be reduced significantly. This change will lead to much less consumption of energy, which will, in turn, decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by your total household lighting.

The world’s energy is not unlimited, and therefore we need to be conscious of our actions. A switch to LED light will significantly change your household to a much greener alternative.

  •       Save more money

Combine that with one of the reliable and cheap light companies, and you’ll have a reasonable power bill that doesn’t exceed your income. The high voltage of power wasted in the form of heat energy emitted by traditional lighting is getting minimized by a huge margin.

Therefore, even though your initial investment is higher, you can easily get more profits in the long run. You are not only being environmentally conscious but also saving yourself quite some money in the process.

  •       Lasts for a long time

The LED light will last for a long time as they have a much longer lifespan than traditional lights. This means that the carbon emissions of LED light are also lower.

LED lights last up to 6 times longer than regular lights, and you do not need to replace them frequently. This is because the main problem with conventional bulbs of frequent filaments snaps is eliminated. With LED lights, you do not have to keep as many replacements and the average lifetime of a LED light ceiling fixture for the number of efficient hours is as high as 70% of its initial brightness.

At the end of its time, the LED light eventually fades out. You will get a prior warning as it is a gradual process, and the sudden filament of traditional lighting, which is frankly quite annoying, will not be a problem.

  •       Customization available

You can get a LED light panel smart for your room as well. The best part about this age’s LED lights is that they are ‘smart.’ This means that you can connect them over the Wi-Fi and control how it will light up your room. Most of these smart LED panels available in the market have their apps. These apps are generally available in the app store for free of cost.

You can easily connect and control the bulb through your preferred device. Most people use their smartphones to switch on and off their lights. No more do you have to worry about forgetting to switch off your light when you go outside your house.

Other than switching on the light, such smart panel LED lights also has numerous features like:

  1. A choice between millions of color
  2. Light dimmer options
  3. Customized light pattern
  4. Syncing of light and music via smart speakers
  5. Light alarm features.
  6. Different cool shapes of bulbs or LED strips can be arranged to form different shapes.

Of course, these features will vary from different brands and the model number of the bulb you are purchasing. If you want some simple white light bulbs with smart features, so that can be found, but the choices are limitless, which is great about the smart LED lights of this generation.

  •       More durable

In any durability test between traditional lighting and LED fixtures, the latter will crush the former. LED lights are stored your and more durable. They are built with shock-resistant materials, which make them immune to both external impacts as well as vibrations.

Therefore, Led ceiling light fixtures are not limited to the inside of your rooms and can be put up in ceilings of open spaces. You can easily light up your patio balconies or even outdoor sitting areas with LED lights without any fuss.

To Sum It Up

Light up your home with the LED light fixtures for the ceiling. The options are virtually limitless, and you can get any kind of LED light of whatever strength your room requires. With countless options with today’s smart LED lights like the dimming features or mood lighting options, you will be spoilt for choice.

These lights care for the environment and will last you a long time. Of course, these lights will be costlier than the incandescent bulb; however, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run, considering how long it will last. Make the smart choice today and get yourself the best-LED ceiling light fixture!

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