Technology trends you should follow in 2022

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Predicting the future is a thankless task, most predictions do not come true. Nevertheless, a number of today’s trends are already so obvious that it is quite clear that these trends will be decisive in technological development in the near future. Let’s start!

There will be many metaverses

It is absolutely clear that the trend of the further development of the Internet is connected with the metaverses – combining game mechanics from the good old Second Life and traditional communication in social networks or instant messengers. A number of major players have already entered this market, and within a year the number of contenders for leadership will clearly double.

Selling products while live streams

Twitch and YouTube are very big today. You need to understand that video industry is something that no one can beat. You can see the stats and your mind will be blow. Keep in mind that Twitch’s valuation goes above $3 billion and it’s very important to start promoting your business there. You can sell any type of product – Twitch viewers care a lot about the quality of the live stream. If your content is very good, then they will convert easily. You can buy twitch views, get started with the streaming schedule and stay very engaged with the viewers – it’s a big secret to the success on Twitch.

VR will get a second wind

This item is inextricably linked with the previous one and appeared due to the aim of Meta (formerly Facebook) to build its metaverse in virtual reality. Given the outrageous funds the firm is allocating to the project, it’s pretty clear that VR can’t be written off now (as many predicted due to the paucity of game releases for the industry).

Wearable smart devices

We have been waiting for this breakthrough for a long time – and, apparently, the stars will form just in 2022. Tracking glucose levels, in fact, is necessary for every adult – it allows you to adjust nutrition and not loosen the body with excessive stress. So, perhaps already in 2022, a “pocket nutritionist” is waiting for us.

Brain-computer interfaces will leave the prototype stage

It is still far from direct control of the machine by the power of thought – however, such solutions can greatly help people with disabilities. Well, the fact that the industry is moving towards the ability to respond not only to words or gestures, but also to human thoughts is beyond doubt.

The VVC codec (H.266) will go to the people

The 8K Association supported the much more economical VVC (Versatile Video Coding H.266) codec – compared to the current HEVC (H.265), it provides an average content compression of 41% more efficiently. This news could be missed if it did not come from the lips of such a respected association. So, c’est la vie, in 2022, we are probably waiting for a change in the fleet of TVs and media players.