Marketing us all have heard of this word marketing. If you need to run a business, you need to know the marketing strategies also. If you need your business to be successful, you need to know it should have a brand name also as it helps people know about you. Branding helps you a lot if you have a perfect brand name with best marketing team you are going to be successful for sure. As in reality, your name describes you same happens with it took the name and logo should be right that people will get attracted and marketing will help you grow also. There have been different kinds of marketing like- Digital Marketing, Social media marketing, E-mail marketing and much more. Digital marketing help you digitally do marketing by using digital methods and marketing the products digitally. It has helped people in many different ways. People these days also use emails as a method of marketing, and it has also proven very helpful too.

What is social media?

Social media is a place where people connect with each other from different parts of the world. It helps them to know about each other and be each other friends it also lets you know about what is going on around all over the world. It is a collection of different kinds of online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. In social media, they share photos, blogs, and stories of your day to day life you can even share them with other and you can also watch there’s and share them too. Social media has great power like news spreads on like a fire in social media.

Here are some examples of social media:

  • Facebook- facebook a social media site where you can add people like your friend’s. You can know about them. You can also see their photos, and you can also know about hat going on around in all over the world.
  • Instagram- Instagram is a social media site where people follow each other’s they posts blogs here they share their daily stories. There are many people following each other and many different celebrities in here they know about their day to day life.
  • Wikipedia- Wikipedia is like a book an online book where we can find the solution to all our problems it gives us the entire important article about almost everything. We can search for anything online, and Wikipedia helps us getting all the information.

There are many different social media sites which have given us information in different ways so let us see how social media helps us to do marketi9ng. Moreover, how can we do social media marketing?

What is social media marketing?

Marketing done using social media as a platform is known as social media marketing. There are different ways to sell your products online, or you can even buy them online on social media, so this way of selling and buying is known as social media marketing. Like when we use Facebook, we all have seen that there are some ads of different brands and there are many pages that sell products and things this is called marketing. Social media is a great platform and doing marketing in it is a perfect thing, but there are many different kinds of frauds also in this field, so you need to be careful. Instagram is used by most of the peoples these days so the sellers are making it as a platform to sell products and many people also buy from them so social media have been an excellent platform for marketing.