SEO Strategies for Moving Companies

Moving to a new place is quite a stressful process and to move from one place to another, the first thing that people do is search for a moving company. They select companies that show up among the top results. They visit the websites of those companies and if everything meets their needs, they choose that company.

So, is your company at the top of the Google search results? Well, if it isn’t then you are losing out on quite a lot of potential customers. So how do you bring your website to the top? To do that, you need SEO, this will provide the boost your website needs to site at the top. Let’s discuss some SEO strategies.

Make a Functional Website:

A functional website is very necessary when it comes to taking your website to the top. You might have come across people or posts that would suggest you create your Google My Business listing. But the opposite works better. If you don’t have a functional website, then what’s the use of listing your business on Google?

To make a functional website you need to take notice of the design of the page, the navigation, the speed of the page, and also whether if it’s optimized for mobile or not. If all of these are in top-notch order, then that is what you would call a Functional Website, and this a very good moving company marketing strategy.

Google My Business:

Another amazing moving company marketing strategy is creating your Google My Business listings. This is a free tool and provides you the opportunity to put your business in front of the consumers. So, what you need to do here is add your address, operating hour details, and contact information; you can even add photos to provide the consumers with a sense of security.

So, what happens when you get yourself listed? Well, you start appearing in search results made by a potential customer. For example, if you were to move, what would be the first thing that would search for? It would be something like “Packers and movers near me.” So, you can quite understand the rest of the picture.

Long-Tail Keywords:

Long-tail keywords are very important here as they are very specific and will help your site to appear in relevant search results. On the other hand, short tail keywords have huge competition behind them and it is very tough to make your websites appear in those searches.

For example, if a potential customer searches for “Moving companies in San Antonio,” then in this the competition will be very less and you likely to at the first position of the search result. In case of searches made against “Moving companies,” your website appearing in the first position is very less.

Apart from these, creating good content and building proper backlinks is quite necessary to take your website to the top as well. Just make sure to follow the provided strategies accordingly.