Reasons Why Print Cartridges are So Expensive

If you think printers or printing is costly, then think about the benefits of printing and the ease which they add to our lives. Today, printers have become so intertwined in our life that no professional workplace is complete without a printer at that place. Printers are also very important in households for domestic as well as academic purpose.

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Why Is Cartridge Replacement So Costly?

Do you know that the per ink cost of printer ink is more than that of fine champagne and even that of human blood? Buying official inks from the market is often very costly. However, here is how you can save money on print inks.

  • The inkjet printers are cheap because they are very often sold at a cost. Oftentimes, they are sold at a loss. This means that the manufacturer makes little to no money on the printers. Then the sole method of making money becomes the printer cartridges. The largest chunk of profit for companies comes from printing inks.
  • This technique of cost-cutting on the printers and then recovering it from the inks is what makes the inks so expensive. This is identical to the razor model. The companies sell the razor very cheaply and then pump up the price of the blade. This nullifies the possibility of one-time profit, but promises regular dividends.
  • The companies go the extra mile and install a microchip in the printer cartridges. This ensures that whenever the user tries to use an unofficial printer ink or cartridge, it is refused by the printer. The issue of these microchips has also been raised in the courts of law.
  • Companies also argue that since a lot of money is spent each year on the research and development of the printers and inks, there must be incentives for the companies in the business otherwise they will perish. It must be understood that the enterprise runs on profit-making and profit-making only.


Inks and toner cartridges are costly but with time, they have become more efficient at printing more papers per ink. This promises a better future for days to come for the customers.