Know the value of these techniques to improve SEO for YouTube videos in 2021

Created in 2005, YouTube is the largest video platform. It has now more than 2 billion active users. Can you imagine the potential it has? More and more companies are using YouTube marketing services to leverage their products and services. Therefore, you cannot stay behind. The importance of the digital presence on this platform becomes visible. We have prepared an article for you, highlighting the five best ways to use SEO for YouTube, the advantages of these techniques to leverage your digital business.

What is SEO for YouTube?

The SEO for YouTube videos is about optimizing videos and channels, making the video to be recommended and found by more internet users. SEO encompasses the entire content production itself (on page), the relationship with other sites (off page), programming and design. Benefits of SEO for YouTube are –

  • More chances for the video to be found/recommended
  • Increased number of views
  • With more views, greater monetization
  • Increased number of subscribers to the channel
  • Increased authority in the niche
  • Consolidation of the brand/name
  • More chances of engagement with your video

Enter a good filename –

Yes, a good SEO for YouTube starts even before the video is uploaded. So, put your video’s main keyword in the filename in question. One of the SEO tips for YouTube is to avoid uploading videos with random names. Never do this if you do not want to ruin the algorithm. YouTube will not understand. Click here for a Free Video file converter by Adobe Express

Keyword research –

Keywords are fundamental in SEO for YouTube. It is through the keywords that YouTube is able to understand the subject of your video. Keywords need to be in the title, tags and description. Therefore, you need to know the keywords that best define the theme of your content. Among the SEO tools for YouTube to search for keywords is the search bar auto completion. See the channels with the highest audience, and be inspired by the SEO techniques used there.

Use good titles –

After doing keyword research, think about the title. The keywords need to appear in it. Regardless of the chosen keywords, prefer titles of up to 48 characters. Even though the maximum is 100 characters in the title, the shortest calls are the ones that conquer better positions.

Use tags –

SEO is not just about keyword and title. Tags are crucial in ranking. Tags are used by YouTube to mark content subjects and index it correctly. It serves to recommend related videos, which generates a lot of traffic to the channel. Do not forget to add subtitles. It is an accessibility tool, serving people with hearing impairments.

Work the link building

In SEO, one of the most used strategies by users to rank websites is link building. On Youtube, it is no different, while internal links have the function of increasing users’ time on their videos, external links only work as a dissemination strategy. The external link can also be a determining factor in taking the traffic gained on YouTube to other channels.

Always look for quality in videos

The trend is that the number of viewers who find your video will grow exponentially. However, if your video is of low quality, all the work done will have been in vain. As well as image and audio quality, knowing how to communicate through videos is also a key factor.

Conclusion: Sirius Method

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