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Yes you are thinking right it is the method of online trade and payments. When you get involved with the transactions online by buying something or by selling something you automatically get involved in the E-commerce Website. E-commerce simply refers to online trade.

Have you ever bought a dress online or have you ever have sold your old cell phone online if yes then you are already the part of the e-commerce society. E-commerce is also known by the name of Electronic commerce. It is a kind of business which is done online where one may buy one may sell which is known as E-commerce Website. It came into this world in around 90's and now it is growing day by day with rapid speed. People nowadays are using it for their daily basis. Now at the present time we can see that most of the companies have the online access they have their websites where people can know about them and they have these applications by which they can buy things where the companies sell the products. It has been compulsory to use internet for business because people nowadays use more digital medium rather than going for their work manually. Every single thing today can be bought online from clothes to daily use things and it has a very simple process. As for the example of E-commerce Website known by everyone are E-bay and Amazon and many others which allow the people to buy online goods like clothes, electronics etc. In these sites the customers have many options for payment and they can also choose the ways for how they want it to be delivered.

Type of E-commerce Website-

Everything have varieties, so do E-commerce have; there are many different kind of e-commerce sites like customers to customers, business to customer, business to business etc.

They all are different kinds of E-commerce Website let's know more about them:

Business - Customers: This is the most used in this the business sell their own products to the customers and the customers buy them online.

Business - Business: In this the companies sells their products to the other companies they make a deal for it and then they sell their goods to the other companies.

Customers - Customers: In this the process is like one customer can sell their unused or unwanted product over here they can sell their own goods what they do not use anymore online for e.g. OLX in OLX you can sell you’re unused and unsold products online.

It was all about the E-commerce lets now know about E-commerce Website:

E-commerce Website are those sites which takes you to the place where are going to buy or sell, the page where you buy or sell the link by which you are at the page where you can have access to buying and selling is called as E-commerce websites. Every e-commerce has their different kinds of websites. We develop E-commerce Website for you business we also offer Digital Marketing and Website Development Services for your business.

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