What is Web Hosting

When someone put up there the website or the web page they do it all with the help of Web Hosting. it is a service which helps them to post them online. It is also the kind of business they have the ability and technology which can help others to put their website or web page online and can be seen by the peoples online. So it's simply a way to post your websites online you can also store the websites or you can host them also is done on the server.

Have you ever thought of how to people reach to your website just by clicking a link? Let’s know how? When the users click on the link of your website or they write down your link of the website to search something specific at that moment their computer gets connected to the server that has your data so that’s your server and then your webpage comes right in front of them in their web browser, it is called as Web Hosting. The process looks very easy and simple but if you go to the technical part it is very hard and there are many different links which work this all out.

Most of the companies before Web Hosting your website prefer that you should for sure have your domain and if you are not having one you should buy one the company will help you to buy it and design by the trustworthy Web Design Company.

Whenever you make or host the website from website.com they give you the custom domain.

There are two types of Web Hosting Services

Small-Scale Web Hosting Services- This is the services which are used for very small websites or web pages it doesn’t take much time and in this, the workload is not much. Working here is very simple and can be done fast.

Large-Scale Web Hosting Services- There are many large companies which needed to be connected with internet 24 hours these types of web hosting is done by the large-scale hosting services as it is in big scale.

As we know web hosting is an online service which is done for the individual so it is also necessary to keep them secure and have them safe online. Web hosting services can be attacked by anyone so they always use the best security to keep their customer's data safe.

What is Domain Name?

As above we learned the word Domain so what is domain let know a bit about it?

A domain name is the kind of authentication or in simple word is a permission to have your things or sites used on the internet. Whatever today you use online on the internet today have their owned domain name. It is kind of registration for those who want to post anything on search engines online.

The space enlistment is a procedure through which an organization or an association can enlist a site area. The area is essentially the character of your site, which can give an incredible look and feel to your site. This Domain enlistment will give a section to distinguish your site with at least one IP addresses. It is a demonstration of securing a name on the Internet for your site.

Some of the examples of Domain names are:

  • Lyfwire.com
  • Nytimes.com
  • monsters.ca

It makes easy to remember the Domain name then learning the whole I.P. address.


  • It is portable.
  • It helps to add credibility.
  • It gives an excellent professional outlook.
  • It will promote you as well as your team and allies.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It enables to promote multiple products.
  • It makes easier for people to find you.