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Advertising is one of the ways of marketing. It is all about reaching to peoples and telling them about the product telling them that this is the new product and what is the purpose of it. Advertisement can be of different types like it can be also in audio form and video form. It depends on what you are advertising there are many different ways of advertising. Most of the advertisements are done by the businessperson’s those who are willing to promote their business. Advertising lets people know what the new product in the market etc is. This all helps businessperson in marketing. The advertisement is done through all the ways from social media to newspapers, television to radio, we all have heard ad’s and seen them we have seen that people advertise in person like they distribute pamphlet’s among peoples or events are held to advertise a specific product. The Internet has been a great medium for marketing. We all must have seen that the advertisements can be seen in metros and in buses printed this is also one of the greatest ways of advertising. Before advertising everything should be carefully plotted like for whom the advertising it? Finding the perfect customer? Where do you need to advertise it in which places it should be advertised? These all have to thought before you think of advertising something.

We all must have heard about digital marketing. Here the brief description of it:

Marketing is done through the use of digital ways like posting ads on the internet or using mobile phones, displaying ad’s etc. Digital marketing is one of the increasing sources of marketing which is used by the most of the peoples like people instead of shopping manually prefer more online shopping, everything these days is done digitally and online.

Digital Marketing is a platform where products or services are marketed by using digital methods. Their main focus is to reach customers and people nowadays have been more digitally involved. Their purpose is always to promote their brand and services. Digital marketing is getting vast and vast.


When we advertise something using Digital medium it is known as Digital Marketing. Like when we use social media to advertise social media is a digital medium the a digital medium the mobile phone is a digital medium so whenever these medium are used to advertise a product it is known as digital advertising.

We all have seen many ads like when we browse something when we watch television even in our phones we get different emails, messages of different products this is what digital advertising is. Digital Advertising has been a great help as it has made advertising products very easy like for example- you have opened a business instead of distributing the pamphlets you can just simply put an ad on your Instagram stories or you can send text message that is auto-generated this makes work more eager and it can really be very helpful too.

So we can say that for advertising using a method of Digital Advertising is going to make your work easier and going to consume your much time.

People on Large scale with big companies and popular companies have been using this method from years onwards but it is necessary to use it for small scale business.

The main goal of advertising is to make its reach to the people who need it it’s very simple but it can have many of it turns ups and downs too. Well yes digital advertising is necessary in small scales business too .Let’s have a look at them below:

  • Before you start advertising you must know who your customer is. Adults or children normally use social advertising or e-commerce advertising because these have a way lot easier for them. So if you want them to know about your ad you must know at which social media platform you can find them and for that you have to know who you customers are.
  • If you want your business to increase you must use the best method of advertising like Face book ad’s, Google ad’s, etc. Because people nowadays search normally on Google for shopping sites or they get them on face book. So this could be also a very good way of promoting your business.
  • So business these days have been increasing with the help of digital advertising. So yes Digital advertising helps small business group to come up in views of people’s and helps them to come up and show the world what they have and same with the large group of companies they help them to grow too.