5 interesting reasons to choose online Facebook video downloader

For Mac OS, iOS and Windows users, logging on to Facebook from a web browser and downloading a video is the best option. You can log on to and complete the download procedure.

FastVid is regarded as the ultimate resolution to download Facebook page videos for the following reasons.

1- Download all Facebook videos

FastVid has been designed to download all types of Facebook videos. Live videos are downloadable after the streaming is complete. Apart from that you can also save Facebook videos.

2- Store forever

The downloaded video is archived in permanent storage. The loss of media is only subject to the corruption or damage to the drive.

3- Resolution option

Download in SD or HD. It depends on the available resolutions for download. If a video does not have a high definition resolution, then only the standard definition download option will show up.

4- No signup or login required

One of the best things about FastVid is that you don’t have to sign up the first time you log in. Therefore, you do not have to sign in every time you use the service. To download, all you need to do is log on to and paste the video URL and click download.

5- View, edit, share at your will

The videos stored are archived in the device. Therefore, you can watch them even if you are offline. Besides, you can share them with anyone on any platform you prefer like Whatsapp.


These were some reasons to choose online Facebook video downloader.